Mission and objectives


The Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC) was established to advance knowledge of the nature and causes of Autism, as well as to develop and study evidence-based strategies for supporting individuals and families affected by these conditions.


At OTARC we believe everyone on the autism spectrum should have equal access to life's opportunities and that research plays a vital role in making this happen. Our staff and students will provide leadership in autism research, together with our research collaborators in Australia and abroad. We will communicate our research findings with our key stakeholders and supporters, and will continue to strengthen our connections and high profile locally, nationally and internationally. Coupled with our ability to engage our supporters effectively, we will continue to attract quality staff and students, further enhancing our research capabilities and ensuring our long term sustainability and viability.


The objectives of OTARC are to:

  1. Contribute to knowledge about autism through high-quality research and scholarship
  2. Engage in collaborations with other researchers, research centres, industry and community partnerships
  3. Train the next generation of researchers
  4. Develop and promote high-quality evidence-based practices as models for the community.


OTARC's collaborations with our diverse network of participant families, researchers, practitioners, service providers and government agencies, will be marked by the following values:

Gracious: A generosity of spirit will imbue our interactions.
Respectful: We will be honest and considerate in our dealings with others, especially honouring the valuable gift of personal information from participants.
Rigorous: The scientific principles underpinning our research will be of the highest standards.
Inspiring: We will enliven and motivate others to work with us and to support our research.
Visionary: We will be at the forefront of science and research into Autism Spectrum Disorders.