Big dreams: raise money for charity along the way


Poster boy for big dreams, raising thousands of charity dollars along the way, Seb has spawned a movement among kindred spirits. Seb admits if he made a new ‘bucket list’ it would be different from the one he’s still working through.

His number one challenge now is not featured - how to leverage the inspiration and benefits 100 things has delivered into something more structured and ongoing, such as a social enterprise or foundation.


In 2009, at the ripe-old age of 27, Sebastian realised that like most people, he has not achieved anything on his long-forgotten list?? The death of a close friend combined with a naturally abstract view on life sparks a moment of clarity.

In the midst of an overseas trip, Sebastian decides to put pen to paper and re-create a list of 100 Things. His goal, to tick off everything. It’s the start of a crazy, no holds barred adventure that sees Sebastian travel to the ends of the earth on a quest to prove that anything is possible, including true fulfillment.

Along the way, Sebastian strives to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, a great organisation creating happiness for children and families affected by cancer.

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