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2012 Podcasts (Jan - Aug)

14 Aug 2012Election 2012 is coming

Transcript Election 2012 is coming
Nick Bisley gives an update on United States politics

03 Aug 2012Chinese in the Bendigo goldfields

Transcript Chinese in the Bendigo goldfields
PODCAST: Valerie Lovejoy on Chinese activity during the goldrush

2011 Podcasts

06 Feb 2013Australian-Pacific indentured labour trade

Transcript Australian-Pacific indentured labour trade
PODCAST: Tracey Banivanua Mar on the labour used in Queensland sugar

06 Feb 2013The first fleet: the real story

Transcript The first fleet: the real story
PODCAST: Alan Frost on Australia's strategic beginnings

06 Feb 2013A talk with Antony Funnell

Transcript A talk with Antony Funnell
PODCAST: ABC Radio National journalist Antony Funnell on his career

22 Dec 201172 is the new 65

Transcript 72 is the new 65
PODCAST: John McCormack on aging populations

12 Dec 2011The social impact of sport

Transcript The social impact of sport
PODCAST: Russell Hoye on the benefits of sport on the local community

02 Dec 2011The Great Melbourne Telescope

Transcript The Great Melbourne Telescope
PODCAST: Richard Gillespie on Melbourne's astronomical marvel

29 Nov 2011Understanding cell death in plants

Transcript Understanding cell death in plants
PODCAST: Roger Parish on improving agricultural production

25 Nov 2011Our earliest ancestors

Transcript Our earliest ancestors
PODCAST: Dr Andy Herries on the dating of fossil finds from Africa

22 Nov 2011Political turmoil in Greece

Transcript Political turmoil in Greece
PODCAST: Dr Michális Michael on Greece's predicament

18 Nov 2011The remix culture

Transcript The remix culture
PODCAST: Mark Amerika tells us we are all natural remixers

15 Nov 2011AIDS activism in Australia

Transcript AIDS activism in Australia
PODCAST: Dr Jennifer Power on the community based response to AIDS

08 Nov 2011The Arab revolution

Transcript The Arab revolution
PODCAST: Luca Anceschi on political turmoil in the Middle East

04 Nov 2011Child body image development

Transcript Child body image development
PODCAST: Emma Spiel on how children perceive their body image.

28 Oct 2011Vitamins and supplements

Transcript Vitamins and supplements
PODCAST: Ken Harvey on the marketing of complimentary medicines

21 Oct 2011Right-brain teaching is half-witted

Transcript Right-brain teaching is half-witted
PODCAST: Annukka Lindell on the neuromyth of half-brain thinking

14 Oct 2011Australian women and their gardens

Transcript Australian women and their gardens
PODCAST: Katie Holmes on her book Between the Leaves

11 Oct 2011The Gospel of Barnabas

Transcript The Gospel of Barnabas
PODCAST: Rod Blackhirst on agnostic gospels

07 Oct 2011A talk with Luisa Etxenike

Transcript A talk with Luisa Etxenike
PODCAST: Lilit Thwaites talks to Spanish author about her writing

04 Oct 20119/11 and the Lone Wolf Terrorist

Transcript 9/11 and the Lone Wolf Terrorist
PODCAST: Ramon Spaaij on lone wolf terrorism

27 Sep 2011Ancient wallaby protein is a powerful antibiotic

Transcript Ancient wallaby protien is a powerful antibiotic
PODCAST: Ben Cocks on a breakthrough using reconstructed genes

23 Sep 2011How 9/11 is Reflected in Journalism

Transcript How 9/11 is Reflected in Journalism
PODCAST: Lawrie Zion on the news and the war on terror

22 Sep 2011Economics of everyday life

Transcript Economics of everyday life
PODCAST: Wayne Geerling on economics applied in everyday situations

16 Sep 2011How 9/11 influenced politics

Transcript How 9/11 influenced politics
PODCAST: Nick Bisley on politics and the war on terror

09 Sep 2011How 9/11 effected dialogue

Transcript How 9/11 effected dialogue
PODCAST: Joseph Camilleri on international relations

05 Sep 2011Bad News: Rupert Murdoch's Australian

Transcript Bad News: Rupert Murdoch's Australian
PODCAST: Robert Manne on how a newspaper tries to shape the nation

26 Aug 2011Batavia: Australia's darkest tale

Transcript Batavia: Australia's darkest tale
PODCAST: Mark Staniforth on the archaeological wreck of the Batavia

22 Aug 2011City planning in Australia

Transcript City planning in Australia
PODCAST: Trevor Budge on managing city growth and resources

16 Aug 2011Emotionally intelligent technology

Transcript Emotionally intelligent technology
PODCAST: Rajiv Khosla on robots that can sense your feelings.

05 Aug 2011Prosthetics and orthotics

Transcript Prosthetics and orthotics
PODCAST: Rowan English on developing and fitting prosthetics

29 Jul 2011Marine archaeology

Transcript Marine archaeology
PODCAST: Mark Staniforth on marine archaeology in Australia

22 Jul 2011A Talk with Mark Scott

Transcript A Talk with Mark Scott
PODCAST: ABC Managing Director talks journalism and News of the World

19 Jul 2011How Australians use hypocoristics

Transcript How Australians use hypocoristics
PODCAST: Evan Kidd on language differences and use

15 Jul 2011The rise of digital journalism

Transcript The rise of digital journalism
PODCAST: John Bergin of Sky News Australia talks digital media

13 Jul 2011Protecting ocean life

Transcript Protecting ocean life
PODCAST: Jeff Hansen on the Sea Shepherd and ocean biodiversity

08 Jul 2011The naked love theory

Transcript The naked love theory
PODCAST: James Giles on his theory of human hairlessness

28 Jun 2011How Scientology works

Transcript How Scientology works
PODCAST: Rod Blackhirst on Scientology: is it a religion or cult?

21 Jun 2011Bronze age burials in Cyprus

Transcript Bronze age burials in Cyprus
PODCAST: Jennifer Webb on her work on bronze age burial graveyards

17 Jun 2011Fair Share

Transcript Fair Share
PODCAST: Judith Brett on country and city in Australia

14 Jun 2011The origins of Australian slang

Transcript The origins of Australian slang
PODCAST: Barry Blake on Australian language and accent

07 Jun 2011Authenticity in Shakespeare

Transcript Authenticity in Shakespeare
PODCAST: Rob Conkie on recreating Shakespeare in performance

03 Jun 2011Migration and the gold rush

Transcript Migration and the gold rush
PODCAST: Charles Fahey on the history of the goldfields

20 May 2011Frogs and tadpoles

Transcript Frogs and tadpoles
PODCAST: Richard Wassersug on amphibian anatomy

17 May 2011Obama vs Osama

Transcript Obama vs Osama
PODCAST: Nick Bisley on how Osama's death changes Obama's Presidency

17 May 2011The origins of Café Direct

Transcript The origins of Café Direct
Ethical choice and profit: A business model for the 21st century?

13 May 2011Sexuality education in primary schools

Transcript Sexuality education in primary schools
PODCAST: Jenny Walsh on sexuality education at a younger age

06 May 2011The power of alternative media

Transcript The power of alternative media
PODCAST: Raja Petra Kamarudin on press freedom in Malaysia

02 May 2011Saving rural health services

Transcript Saving rural health services
PODCAST: Prof Jane Farmer on issues of rural health.

21 Apr 2011The history of Gallipoli

Transcript The history of Gallipoli
PODCAST: Chris Mackie on the historical aspect of a sacred ANZAC site

15 Apr 2011Beyond homophobia

Transcript Beyond homophobia
PODCAST: Lynne Hillier talks sexual education and policy change.

13 Apr 2011The Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan

Transcript The Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan
PODCAST: Mark Staniforth on an archaeological mystery in Vietnam

01 Apr 2011Religious harmony in Australia

Transcript Religious harmony in Australia
PODCAST: Rod Blackhirst on how religions work in Australia.

28 Mar 2011Animals in space!

Transcript Animals in space!
PODCAST: Richard Wassersug on animals in zero gravity.

24 Mar 2011Treating addictions by treating spirit

Transcript Treating addictions by treating spirit
PODCAST: David Tacey on his new book 'Gods and Diseases'

18 Mar 2011Modern Men and Masculinity

Transcript Modern Men and Masculinity
PODCAST: Gary Dowsett on men's sexuality and gender roles

16 Mar 2011Julian Assange and Wikileaks

Transcript Julian Assange and Wikileaks
PODCAST: Robert Manne talks on this influential individual

09 Mar 2011How lizards use signals

Transcript How lizards use signals
PODCAST: Richard Peters on lizard signalling behaviour

04 Mar 2011The Future of Social Democracy

Transcript The Future of Social Democracy
PODCAST: Wolfgang Merkel on where social democracy went wrong

25 Feb 2011Sports journalism

Transcript Sports journalism
PODCAST: David Lowden on the ins and outs of sports journalism.

18 Feb 2011What makes a eunuch?

Transcript What makes a eunuch?
PODCAST: Richard Wassersug on modern day castration

17 Feb 2011The Australian Sex Party

Transcript The Australian Sex Party
PODCAST: Fiona Patten talks party policies and civil liberties.

11 Feb 2011Globalising education

Transcript Globalising education
PODCAST: Fazal Rizvi on globalising education policy.

04 Feb 2011Working with the Synchotron

Transcript Working with the Synchotron
PODCAST: Peter Kappen on working with beams of light.

21 Jan 2011Bush fire research in the Mallee

Transcript Bush fire research in the Mallee
PODCAST: Assoc. Prof Michael Clarke on controlled use of fires

14 Jan 2011Art at La Trobe

Transcript Art at La Trobe
PODCAST: Dr Vince Alessi on the university's art collection

07 Jan 2011Homer's Illiad

Transcript Homer's Illiad
PODCAST: Professor Christopher Mackie on ancient Greek literature.

2010 Podcasts

06 Feb 2013Why we Fail at Mental Health

Transcript Why we Fail at Mental Health
PODCAST: 2010 Australian of the Year Prof. Pat McGorry talks about Australia's mental health problems

06 Feb 2013Food Security

Transcript Food Security
PODCAST: Professor Glenn Denning from Columbia University discusses the issues of world hunger.

06 Feb 2013How Sports are Funded

Transcript How Sports are Funded
PODCAST: Russell Hoye discusses the funding of sports and the Crawford Report.

23 Dec 2010How animals find home

Transcript How animals find home
PODCAST: Jochen Zeil on how animals recognise landmarks and navigate.

21 Dec 2010The War in Iraq

Transcript The War in Iraq
PODCAST: Ben Isakhan on the war in Iraq, and the aftermath

20 Dec 2010A cure for cancer within reach

Transcript A cure for cancer within reach
PODCAST: Nobel prize winner Harald zur Hausen on cancer research

16 Dec 2010River System Research

Transcript River System Research
PODCAST: Terry Hillman on research on the Murray-Darling river system

08 Dec 2010Obama's Midterm Report Card

Transcript Obama's Midterm Report Card
PODCAST: Nick Bisley looks at the setback suffered by Obama

07 Dec 2010X-Ray Science

Transcript X-Ray Science
PODCAST: Andrew Peele on the use of X-Rays to see the big picture

06 Dec 2010North Korea's nuclear weapons

Transcript North Korea's nuclear weapons
PODCAST: Ben Habib on political issues in North Korea

01 Dec 2010Historical obligations

Transcript Historical obligations
PODCAST: Janna Thompson on when a country needs to say sorry.

24 Nov 2010The DVCs: John Rosenberg

Transcript The DVCs: John Rosenberg
PODCAST: DVC John Rosenberg on La Trobe's appeal to future students

19 Nov 2010Asylum seekers and Australia

Transcript Asylum seekers and Australia
PODCAST: Julian Burnside on the mistreatment of those who ask for help

16 Nov 2010The DVCs: Tim Brown

Transcript The DVCs: Tim Brown
PODCAST: DVC Tim Brown on La Trobe's direction of research.

12 Nov 2010Researching walking and foot problems

Transcript Researching walking and foot problems
PODCAST: Hylton Menz on managing walking and foot disorders

10 Nov 2010Developing the video games of the future

Transcript Developing the video games of the future
PODCAST: La Trobe’s Games Tech. course places students at industry forefront

10 Nov 2010The contemporary philosophy divide

Transcript The contemporary philosophy divide
PODCAST: Jack Reynolds on analytical and continental philosophy

29 Oct 2010The future of Islamic Finance in Australia

Transcript The future of Islamic Finance in Australia
PODCAST: NAB’s Steve Lambert looks to the future of Australian Islamic Finance

22 Oct 2010The economics of climate change

Transcript The economics of climate change
PODCAST: Professor Ross Garnaut on how Australia is managing climate change issues

20 Oct 2010The Dean Series: Health Sciences

Transcript The Dean Series: Health Sciences
PODCAST: Professor Hal Swerissen on where he's taking health.

15 Oct 2010Developing technology of the future

Transcript Developing technology of the future
PODCAST: Jack Singh on ground breaking projects at the Centre for Technology Infusion

12 Oct 2010Van Gogh the collector

Transcript Van Gogh the collector
PODCAST: Dr Vince Alessi (LUMA) discusses the illustration collection of Van Gogh.

08 Oct 2010The lies of climate change denial

Transcript The lies of climate change denial
PODCAST: Professor David Karoly sets the climate change record straight.

05 Oct 2010The Dean Series: Education

Transcript The Dean Series: Education
PODCAST: Professor Lorraine Ling on the strengths of education

29 Sep 2010The psychological impact of AFL injury

Transcript The psychological impact of AFL injury
PODCAST: Dr Mandy Ruddock-Hudson talks about the emotional injuries in AFL

24 Sep 2010Aboriginal Australian history

Transcript Aboriginal Australian history
PODCAST: Richard Broome on writing, stolen generations and changing attitudes

21 Sep 2010Islamic banking in Australian banks

Transcript Islamic banking in the Australian banking system
PODCAST: Emmanuel Alfieris talks about islamic banking in Westpac

10 Sep 2010Crayfish and yabbies

Transcript Crayfish and yabbies
Dr Susan Lawler on crayfish and ecology on the Murray-Darling River

07 Sep 2010The Dean Series: Humanities and Social Sciences

Transcript The Dean Series: Humanities and Social Sciences
PODCAST: Professor Tim Murray on the growth of humanities.

03 Sep 2010A Talk with Richard Woolcott

Transcript A Talk with Richard Woolcott
PODCAST: Richard Woolcott on his career, foreign affairs, and the Australian mentality

31 Aug 2010The Dean Series: Law and Management

Transcript The Dean Series: Law and Management
PODCAST: Professor Carol Adams on the future direction of the faculty of Law and Management

27 Aug 2010Water management in Australia

Transcript Water management in Australia
PODCAST: Professor Lin Crase on water usage and policy. 100th podcast interview!

23 Aug 2010Ancient Egyptian bling

Transcript Ancient Egyptian bling
PODCAST: Dr Mark Eccleston on Egyptian industrial archaeology

13 Aug 2010The function of fungi

Transcript The function of fungi
PODCAST: Janice Williams explains the role of fungi in the carbon cycle

09 Aug 2010Oceanic Archaeology

Transcript Oceanic Archaeology
PODCAST: Prof Pat Kirch discusses archaeology of pacific island systems

06 Aug 2010Australian election 2010 special

Transcript Australian election 2010 special
PODCAST: Professor Robert Manne on the issues of the approaching Australian election

30 Jul 2010Raunch culture and sexual violence

Transcript Raunch culture and sexual violence
PODCAST: Dr Anastasia Powell on the unwritten rules of youth sex and consent

28 Jul 2010The Penalty of Football

Transcript The Penalty of Football
PODCAST: Liam Lenten and Jan Libich on their research into changing the rules of soccer.

22 Jul 2010Treating Malaria on the molecular level

Transcript Treating Malaria on the molecular level
PODCAST: Dr Alexander Maier discusses malaria treatment and biochemistry

16 Jul 2010The Importance of Social Inclusion

Transcript The Importance of Social Inclusion
PODCAST: Why social inclusion for people with an intellectual disability is vital

13 Jul 2010Linguistic typology

Transcript Linguistic typology
PODCAST: Professor Randy LaPolla on preserving languages of the world

09 Jul 2010The War on Fish

Transcript The War on Fish
PODCAST: Dr Denise Russell discusses ocean ethics and who rules the waves.

01 Jul 2010Is the European Union on the brink?

Transcript Is the European Union on the Brink?
PODCAST: Dr Stefan Auer believes the EU is in bad shape.

25 Jun 2010How Islamic banking works

Transcript How Islamic banking works
PODCAST: Dr Hayat Khan explains banking practices approved by Islamic law

21 Jun 2010The importance of breastfeeding

Transcript The importance of breastfeeding
PODCAST: Dr Lisa Amir tells us why breastfeeding is a better choice over formula.

10 Jun 2010The Short-Tailed Shearwater

Transcript The Short-Tailed Sheerwater
PODCAST: Mark Carey talks about his research in migration patterns of the Muttonbird

04 Jun 2010The future of corporate social responsibility

Transcript The future of corporate social responsibility
PODCAST: Dr Wayne Visser on why CSR isn't taken seriously, and needs to change.

28 May 2010Prosthetic Problems for Haiti

Transcript Prosthetic Problems for Haiti
PODCAST: Rowan English talks about prosthetics and the challenges presented by natural disasters

18 May 2010Making the Market

Transcript Making the Market
PODCAST: VC Paul Johnson discusses the history of the modern market and the way it evolved.

14 May 2010The Evolution of Language

Transcript The Evolution of Language
PODCAST: Dr David Bradley discusses the importance of language, and how it has evolved.

14 May 2010The Global AIDS Crisis

Transcript The Global AIDS Crisis
PODCAST: Professor Dennis Altman discusses the global treatment and prevention of AIDS.

07 May 2010The Syrian Way

Transcript The Syrian Way
PODCAST: A talk with Syrian Ambassador to Australia, Tammam Sulaiman

30 Apr 2010Melbourne Archaeology

Transcript Melbourne Archaeology
PODCAST: Professor Tim Murray tells us what's below our feet in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

23 Apr 2010Hitler, Genocide and Evolution

Transcript Hitler, Genocide and Evolution
PODCAST: Tony Barta talks about the parallels between Hitler's belief and Darwin's theories.

23 Apr 2010Asia-Pacific MDGs

Transcript Asia-Pacific MDGs
PODCAST: Minar Pimple discusses the Millennium Development Goals

30 Mar 2010The Evolution of Sex

Transcript The Evolution of Sex
PODCAST: Jenny Graves discusses how sex and gender are evolving

26 Mar 2010The Maori's Peaceful Resistance

Transcript The Maori's Peaceful Resistance
PODCAST: Dr Rachel Buchanan talks about her new book, The Parihaka Album

19 Mar 2010Designing the Millennium Development Goals

Transcript Designing the Millennium Development Goals
PODCAST: Dr Jan Vandemoortele discusses his work on the MDGs and hopes

05 Mar 2010The Future Teaching Shortage

Transcript The Future Teaching Shortage
PODCAST: Professor Lorraine Ling talks about Victoria's impending shortage of teachers.

26 Feb 2010Obama's Challenges

Transcript Obama's Challenges
PODCAST: Professor William Chafe talks about the challenges facing Barack Obama

19 Feb 2010Can Humanity Save the World?

Transcript Can Humanity Save the World?
PODCAST: David Spratt thinks things can change if we just put our minds to it.

15 Feb 2010Reading into Darwin

Transcript Reading into Darwin
PODCAST: Dr Alexis Harley talks about the life and writings of Charles Darwin

08 Feb 2010A Talk With Barry Jones

Transcript A Talk With Barry Jones
PODCAST: Former minister for science during the Hawke government talks about his career

02 Feb 2010Darwin's theory of evolution

Transcript Darwin's theory of evolution
PODCAST: Dr Ben Kear discusses evolution and natural selection.

29 Jan 2010How shark's blood can save lives

Transcript How shark's blood can save lives
PODCAST: Mick Foley talks about his research with shark antibodies

22 Jan 2010Teaching emerging journalists

Transcript Teaching emerging journalists
PODCAST: Dr Lawrie Zion talks about the next generation of media.

18 Jan 2010White Asians: Australia's future?

Transcript White Asians: Australia's future?
PODCAST: Dr Farish Noor talks Asia's political relationship with Australia.

15 Jan 2010The Nature of Consciousness

Transcript The Nature of Consciousness
PODCAST: Neuroscientist Jason Mattingley discusses the nature of human consciousness.

07 Jan 2010Coffee with a Conscience

Transcript Coffee with a Conscience
PODCAST: Fair Trade coffee has begun to make a huge difference to producers in the developing world.

2009 Podcasts

06 Feb 2013Managing Environmental Sustainability

Transcript Managing Environmental Sustainability
PODCAST: An interview with Kate Auty, Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability

06 Feb 2013Future Teachers with Lorraine Ling

Transcript Future Teachers with Lorraine Ling
PODCAST: The future of teaching and the problems with schools

06 Feb 2013Snail heart research with Dr Michelle Gibson

Transcript Snail heart research with Dr Michelle Gibson
PODCAST: Snails could be the key to reducing heart disease

21 Dec 2009Obama's First Year

Transcript Obama's First Year
Nick Bisley talks about first year of Barack Obama.

17 Dec 2009The Conflict in Cyprus

Transcript The Conflict in Cyprus
PODCAST: Dr Michális Michael talks the history and future of this disputed land.

11 Dec 2009Obama's health care reform

Transcript Obama's health care reform
PODCAST: Dr Tim Minchin discusses the American health care system.

30 Nov 2009Why history matters with Marilyn Lake

Transcript Why history matters with Marilyn Lake
PODCAST: Why its important to learn from the past, and why history is no longer written by the victors.

20 Nov 2009Vaccines for the World's Poorest

Transcript Vaccines for the World's Poorest
PODCAST: Professor Michael Good talks the challenges of affordable vaccinations.

13 Nov 2009Using x-rays to see the small scale

Transcript Using x-rays to see the small scale
PODCAST: Leann Tilley and Andrew Peele talk the small scale of Malaria

06 Nov 2009A Talk With Malcolm Fraser

Transcript A Talk With Malcolm Fraser
PODCAST: The former prime minister of Australia talks politics

29 Oct 2009Gay rights with Dennis Altman

Transcript Gay rights with Dennis Altman
PODCAST: The world has extreme polarisation on this crucial issue

16 Oct 2009Defending Dan Brown with Chris Scanlon

Transcript Defending Dan Brown with Chris Scanlon
PODCAST: Dan Brown's success must surely be a good thing...

12 Oct 2009Internet Economics with David Prentice

Transcript Internet Economics with David Prentice
The internet has made business cheaper, faster, and larger

02 Oct 2009Climate change politics with Clive Hamilton

Transcript Climate change politics with Clive Hamilton
How can sceptics exist in such a global problem as climate change?

25 Sep 2009Constructive alignment with John Biggs

Transcript Constructive alignment with John Biggs
PODCAST: A new and progressive method of teaching

23 Sep 2009Cell death with David Vaux

Transcript Cell death with David Vaux
PODCAST: Putting destructive viruses to good use

15 Sep 2009Emissions Trading Scheme with Ian Tulloch

Transcript Emissions Trading Scheme with Ian Tulloch
PODCAST: Current and future events in Australian federal politics

19 Aug 2009Global melting point with John Russell

Transcript Global melting point with John Russell
PODCAST: An engineer's view on how to heal the global climate.

10 Aug 2009Exploring Biochemistry with Nick Hoogenraad

Transcript Exploring Biochemistry with Nick Hoogenraad
PODCAST: The length and breadth of the field from a lifelong biochemist

24 Jul 2009Rebuilding Somalia with Issa Farah

Transcript Rebuilding Somalia with Issa Farah
Podcast: Former student and Puntland minister in Africa

17 Jul 2009New Media Teaching with Chris Scanlon

Transcript New Media Teaching with Chris Scanlon
PODCAST: Twitter, iTunes, and blogs put to use with students

10 Jul 2009Australian Racism with Sandy Gifford

Transcript Australian Racism with Sandy Gifford
PODCAST: The racism in Australia is a problem, and needs to stop.

29 Jun 2009Fighting Corruption with Cobus de Swardt

Transcript Fighting Corruption with Cobus de Swardt
Corruption is an international issue of social justice.

19 Jun 2009Imaginary Friends with Evan Kidd

Transcript Imaginary Friends with Evan Kidd
Children with imaginary friends experience real benefits in their development

29 May 2009Obama's First 100 with Nick Bisley

Transcript Obama's First 100 with Nick Bisley
Nick Bisley discusses the early days of Obama's presidency.

25 May 2009What’s Rating with Sue Turnbull

Transcript What’s Rating with Sue Turnbull
'Packed to the Rafters' and 'Underbelly' are in a ratings battle.

15 May 2009Middle Eastern Peace with Joe Camilleri

Transcript Middle Eastern Peace with Joe Camilleri
The Middle Eastern conflict will only get worse without dialogue.

01 May 2009A talk with Mike Moore

Transcript A talk with Mike Moore
Interview with Mike Moore, former PM of New Zealand and head of WTO

23 Apr 2009Shattered Anzacs with Marina Larsson

Transcript Shattered Anzacs with Marina Larsson
Fallen ANZACS shouldn't be the only soldiers honoured

17 Apr 2009Corporate Response with Prakash Sethi

Transcript Corporate Response with Prakash Sethi
Prof. Sethi talks the need for social responsibility in corporations

03 Apr 2009Remaking Comedy with Sue Turnbull

Transcript Remaking Comedy with Sue Turnbull
What's missing from the US 'Kath and Kim' and 'The Office'?

27 Mar 2009Centre for Dialogue with Joe Camilleri

Transcript Centre for Dialogue with Joe Camilleri
The challenges of encouraging dialogue between different cultures

20 Mar 2009Prehistoric Life with Ben Kear

Transcript Prehistoric Life with Ben Kear
With a bit of time travel, Ben Kear looks at dinosaur ancestors

06 Mar 2009Plant Biotechnology with Roger Parish

Transcript Plant Biotechnology with Roger Parish
Roger Parish discusses his work in manipulating the genes of plants

25 Feb 2009Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

Transcript Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary Tour
Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary Tour - an audio documentary of night tour of La Trobe's wildlife sanctuary

03 Feb 2009Sports Economics with Liam Lenten

Transcript Sports Economics with Liam Lenten
Liam Lenten discusses the ins and outs of analysing sports

16 Jan 2009Complementary Medicines with Ken Harvey

Transcript Complementary Medicines with Ken Harvey
Ken Harvey discusses medicine control and regulation

2008 Podcasts

30 Jun 2008A Talk with Jon Lee Anderson

Transcript A Talk with Jon Lee Anderson
International author, war and political correspondent Jon Lee Anderson talks to Assoc. Professor Nick Bisley