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2013 Podcasts

28 Nov 2013Weed research offers Alzheimer's insight

Transcript Weed research offers Alzheimer's insight
PODCAST #316: Jim Whelan has found something special in thale cress

28 Nov 2013Women of the Eureka Stockade

Transcript Women of the Eureka Stockade
PODCAST #314: Clare Wright on a forgotten part of Australian history

25 Nov 2013Where does Doctor Who come from?

Transcript Where does Doctor Who come from?
PODCAST: Andrew Brennan on who is The Doctor's parents

11 Nov 2013Australia's asylum seeker policy

Transcript Australia's asylum seeker policy
PODCAST: Mary Crock on Abbott government and asylum seekers.

01 Nov 2013A life of work in Arnhem Land

Transcript A life of work in Arnhem Land
PODCAST: Neville White on working with Aboriginal communities

01 Nov 2013The Greek Archives

Transcript The Greek Archives
PODCAST: Michális Michael and Eva Fisch tour the Greek Archives

14 Oct 2013The legacy of Martin Luther King

Transcript The legacy of Martin Luther King
PODCAST: Tony Badger on the 50 years since the march on Washington

07 Oct 2013The water molecule

Transcript The water molecule
PODCAST: Nick Hoogenraad on one of the basic building blocks of life

04 Oct 2013A Talk with Andrés Neuman

Transcript A Talk with Andrés Neuman
PODCAST: Lilit Thwaites interviews Spanish author Andrés Neuman

30 Sep 2013Jean-Paul Sartre: Key Concepts

Transcript Jean-Paul Sartre: Key Concepts
PODCAST: Jack Reynolds and Steven Churchill on new philosophy book

26 Sep 2013Whistle while you work

Transcript Whistle while you work
PODCAST: Emma Robertson on the history of music in the workplace

13 Sep 2013Perspectives on Islamic finance

Transcript Perspectives on Islamic finance
PODCAST: Ishaq Bhatti and guests on Sharia compliant banking

06 Sep 2013Clamping the umbilical cord at birth

Transcript Clamping the umbilical cord at birth
PODCAST: Sue McDonald on new research on when to clamp

29 Aug 2013When to go hard against Brazil in football

Transcript When to go hard against Brazil in football
PODCAST: Liam Lenten crunches some football numbers

20 Aug 2013Caesar and Gaul

Transcript Caesar and Gaul
PODCAST: Rhiannon Evans on Caesar's writings and the Gallic War

06 Aug 2013The End of the Homosexual?

Transcript The End of the Homosexual?
PODCAST: Dennis Altman on his new book about gay rights and activism

30 Jul 2013Egypt revolts

Transcript Egypt revolts
PODCAST: Luca Anceschi on the coup detat in Egypt

23 Jul 2013Protests in Turkey

Transcript Protests in Turkey
PODCAST: Luca Anceschi on political turmoil and Turkish developments

23 Jul 2013The psychology of water use

Transcript The psychology of water use
PODCAST: Brad Jorgensen on how we perceive water conservation

15 Jul 2013Parasitic worms and river blindness

Transcript Parasitic worms and river blindness
PODCAST: Warwick Grant on vaccine development for river blindness

10 Jul 2013Eye-tracking research in sport

Transcript Eye-tracking research in sport
PODCAST: Russ Hoye and Jodi Sita on how to see like a coach and player

24 Jun 2013The reality of homophobia in sport

Transcript The reality of homophobia in sport
PODCAST: Gus Johnston shares his experience of coming out

21 Jun 2013Mick Malthouse on the AFL coaching life

Transcript Mick Malthouse on the AFL coaching life
PODCAST: Mick Malthouse talks to Russ Hoye about his career

11 Jun 2013Taking the pulse of rural health

Transcript Taking the pulse of rural health
PODCAST: Jane Farmer and John Dewar on the work and plans of the LRHS

05 Jun 2013The state of football in Australia

Transcript The state of football in Australia
PODCAST: Russ Hoye and Craig Foster talk developments in football

31 May 2013Diet and sport performance

Transcript Diet and sport performance
PODCAST: Russ Hoye and Regina Belski discuss nutrition and sport

24 May 2013The social history of chocolate

Transcript The social history of chocolate
PODCAST: Emma Robertson on chocolate and society

23 May 2013Supplements and athletic performance

Transcript Supplements and athletic performance
PODCAST: Russ Hoye and Michael Kingsley on supplements and sport

09 May 2013Body image and sport participation

Transcript Body image and sport participation
PODCAST: Paul O'Halloran and Russ Hoye on body image and pressures

06 May 2013Why do we need pets?

Transcript Why do we need pets?
PODCAST: Pauleen Bennett on the positive power of pets

06 May 2013Recovery From ACL reconstruction

Transcript Recovery From ACL reconstruction
PODCAST: Kate Webster and Russ Hoye on athletes recovering from ACL

23 Apr 2013Australian nurses in World War I

Transcript Australian nurses in World War I
PODCAST: Janet Butler on her new history book 'Kitty's War'

19 Apr 2013Preserving fish breeding populations

Transcript Preserving fish breeding populations
PODCAST: Iain Ellis on his work with the Murray Hardyhead

18 Apr 2013Athletes and body image

Transcript Athletes and body image
PODCAST: Russ Hoye and Lynette Evans on risk behaviours

12 Apr 2013Vaccines to control liverfluke

Transcript Vaccines to control liverfluke
Terry Spithill on his work to control liverflukes in livestock

12 Apr 2013North Korea's hostile posturing

Transcript North Korea's hostile posturing
PODCAST: Ben Habib on recent developments in North Korea

04 Apr 2013The AFL coaching lifestyle

Transcript The AFL coaching lifestyle
Russ Hoye talks coaching with Mick Malthouse and Mandy Ruddock-Hudson

25 Mar 2013Stress and sport performance

Transcript Stress and sport performance
Russell Hoye, Paul O'Halloran and Felicity Childs on stress in sport

22 Mar 2013The philosophy of time travel

Transcript The philosophy of time travel
Andrew Brennan looks at how time travel is possible

15 Mar 2013Innovation in sport

Transcript Innovation in sport
Vannessa Ratten and Russell Hoye discuss entrepreneurship in sport

15 Mar 2013A talk with Mick Dodson

Transcript A talk with Mick Dodson
Mick Dodson on indigenous Australian issues

08 Mar 2013Managing media access in sport

Transcript Managing media access in sport
Russ Hoye and Merryn Sherwood discuss media and the sport industry

08 Mar 2013How business law works

Transcript How business law works
Lola Akin Ojelabi on how much law you need to know in business

01 Mar 2013Generating power from pond muck

Transcript Generating power from pond muck
Ashley Franks on bacteria as an alternate power source

26 Feb 2013In conversation with Robert Manne

Transcript In conversation with Robert Manne
Robert Manne discusses his career at La Trobe University

22 Feb 2013Sport Development

Transcript Sport Development
Russell Hoye and Emma Sherry discuss why sport is used in development

20 Feb 2013An audio tour of LIMS

Transcript An audio tour of LIMS
Nick Hoogenraad presents an audio tour of La Trobe's newest building

08 Feb 2013Can lupin improve your heart health?

Transcript Can lupin improve your heart health?
Choosing food with lupin grain can help blood pressure

08 Feb 2013Breathing new life into old maps

Transcript Breathing new life into old maps
How can information from old maps be transferred to current platforms?

01 Feb 2013Unearthed 2012: Top archaeological finds

Transcript Unearthed 2012: Top archaeological finds
Tim Murray on some of the great discoveries of 2012.

25 Jan 2013Our language in your hands

Transcript Our language in your hands
Mark Turin on the preservation of languages

2012 Podcasts (Aug - Dec)

08 Feb 2013The Chowilla Dam project

Transcript The Chowilla Dam project
Jennifer Hamilton-McKenzie on an early example of environmentalism

06 Feb 2013Will a hurricane impact the election?

Transcript Will a hurricane impact the election?
Nick Bisley with a U.S. election podcast update.

06 Feb 2013Party conventions and empty chairs

Transcript Party conventions and empty chairs
Nick Bisley and Raul Sanchez Urribarri with a U.S. Election update

06 Feb 2013Reforming the funding of education

Transcript Reforming the funding of education
Carmen Lawrence on the Gonski report and school funding

11 Dec 2012A profile of A. D. Trendall

Transcript A profile of A. D. Trendall
Gillian Shepherd and Ian McPhee on Arthur Dale Trendall

07 Dec 2012Mathematics and music

Transcript Mathematics and music
Marcel Jackson looks at the mathematical connections in music

04 Dec 2012In conversation with Kiran Bedi

Transcript In conversation with Kiran Bedi
Kiran Bedi discusses her career and social reform

30 Nov 2012Studying brain disease using dictyostelium

Transcript Studying brain disease using dictyostelium
Paul Fisher and Sarah Annesley on their research in microbiology

27 Nov 2012The art of the abandoned

Transcript The art of the abandoned
Neil Fettling on finding art in what has been discarded

20 Nov 2012Tourism in Australia

Transcript Tourism in Australia
Geoffrey Crouch on what works and doesn't work in marketing Australia

16 Nov 2012Women in Australian pubs

Transcript Women in Australian pubs
Clare Wright challenges the myth of the Australian pub

13 Nov 2012Cataloguing plant species

Transcript Cataloguing plant species
Danielle Linklater on how plants are monitored in Mildura

09 Nov 2012Manipulating the molecules of life

Transcript Manipulating the molecules of life
Nick Hoogenraad on how molecules work and can be changed

09 Nov 2012Obama Wins: Dissecting the 2012 Election

Transcript Obama Wins: Dissecting the 2012 Election
Nick Bisley and Raul Sanchez Urribarri wrap up the U.S. election

26 Oct 2012Archaeology in Cyprus

Transcript Archaeology in Cyprus
David Frankel on excavating on the island of Cyprus

26 Oct 2012Who was the real debate winner?

Transcript Who was the real debate winner?
Nick Bisley and Raul Sanchez Urribarri with a US election update

18 Oct 2012On economics and politics

Transcript On economics and politics
Interview with Andrew Leigh, Federal Member for Fraser

12 Oct 2012Pre VP debate and the Indian perspective

Transcript Pre VP debate and the Indian perspective
Nick Bisley and Adam Roberts with a U.S. election update

10 Oct 2012The Australian media and China

Transcript The Australian media and China
Li Kun talks about the way Australian media covers Chinese issues

08 Oct 2012First Presidential debate recap

Transcript First Presidential debate recap
Nick Bisley and Dennis Altman analyse the first U.S. election debate

28 Sep 2012The study of languages

Transcript The study of languages
Stephen Morey on preserving and recreating languages

21 Sep 2012Pliny the Elder

Transcript Pliny the Elder
Rhiannon Evans on a scholar of ancient Rome

20 Sep 2012Leaked videos and the Chinese perspective

Transcript Leaked videos and the Chinese perspective
Nick Bisley and James Leibold with a US election update

18 Sep 2012How Australian women won the vote

Transcript How Australian women won the vote
Clare Wright on an Australian historical milestone

13 Sep 2012The legal use of body tissue

Transcript The legal use of body tissue
Imogen Goold on the tricky legal side of body parts

04 Sep 2012Reporting the election numbers

Transcript Reporting the election numbers
ABC election analyst Antony Green on how the numbers stack up.

31 Aug 2012Pressure to raise the 'perfect child'

Transcript Pressure to raise the 'perfect child'
Lenore Skenazy on how safe our children are in today's world

28 Aug 2012How antennas work

Transcript How antennas work
Trevor Bird on the function and advancements of antennas

23 Aug 2012Paul Ryan's VP nomination

Transcript Paul Ryan's VP nomination
Nick Bisley on the Republican nomination for Vice-President

20 Aug 2012Ancient Romans and 'outsiders'

Transcript Ancient Romans and 'outsiders'
Rhiannon Evans on the Roman attitudes towards non-Romans

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