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How to learn to work with AI and not avoid it

Why should AI tools be any different to other adopted tech?

20 minute neighbourhoods are more than proximity

20-minute neighbourhoods are about more than proximity

Fantasy football highs and lows of IRL players

Fantasy football can negatively affect your wellbeing

How to talk to someone about conspiracy theories

How to talk to someone about conspiracy theories in five simple steps

Archivists' tough calls have consequences

Archivists make tough calls with far-reaching consequences

The history of the word 'queer'

Reviled, reclaimed and respected: the history of the word ‘queer’

New housing models could prevent shocking abuse

People with disabilities in group homes are suffering shocking abuse.

‘Masking’ and ‘camouflaging’ autism and ADHD

What are ‘masking’ and ‘camouflaging’ in context of autism and ADHD

Pubs tiled because patrons would pee? Not exactly.

Tiles were part of a broader hygiene discourse.

From marriage equality to the Voice

Losing the Voice would be disastrous.

Is it ok for journalists to lie to get a story?

Is it ever okay for journalists to lie to get a story?

Men are slowly losing their Y chromosome

Men are slowly losing their Y chromosome, a new discovery brings hope

Nick Cave overture to 2026 Comm Games

The clock is ticking to get Victoria ready for the 2026 Commonwealth Games

Invertebrates: our ecosystem's backbone

Invertebrates are the backbone of our ecosystems.

Captive lyrebirds lose their culture

Captive lyrebirds lose their culture, adopt ours

COVID IP waiver should be expanded

Intellectual property waiver for COVID vaccines should be expanded.

Discussing autism diagnosis with kids

How to talk to your child about their autism diagnosis

APEC winds up, ‘summit season’ successes

APEC winds up, ‘summit season’ successes and global challenges

Growing food on the moon

Humans are going back to the Moon – but how will we feed them?

North Korea's missile tests raise alarm

North Korea’s recent missile tests raise alarm – is it anything new?

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