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Fighting Fake News

The Fighting Fake News industry report finds the legislative approaches of countries in the Asia Pacific include significant jail terms and large fines for convicted offenders.

Exploring Buddhist tourism across Asia

Buddhist sites hold great potential for tourism in Asia, but need to be managed sustainably.

La Trobe's New Colombo Plan Scholars

Five La Trobe students receive New Colombo Plan Scholarships

Employability experiences of Chinese graduates from Australia in China

Chinese students express a greater desire to return to home after studies, and new challenges.

Balancing progress and heritage in Ahmedabad

Much of the character of the city is at risk in the rush of modernisation.

The impacts of lower limb amputation on Bangladeshi citizens

Research sheds light on the profound cultural, economic, and spiritual impacts of traumatic injury for Bangladeshi individuals.

Exploring Second Language Acquisition in Chinese Children

Research into child second language acquisition has shown there are risks that bilingual children are incorrectly diagnosed with language disorders or learning disabilities.

Can Vietnam go green?

Vietnam has strong opportunities to grow environmental engagement

La Trobe students winging to Asia

Students awarded prestigious scholarships to study overseas

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