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07 Oct 2021Smart microscope slides detect cancer

Innovative NanoMslide will benefit early breast cancer diagnosis

07 Oct 2021Partnership to test for concussion

The device has the potential to make sport safer for athletes

07 Oct 2021La Trobe vaccination survey results

La Trobe's pathway to safely reopening campuses

06 Oct 2021Highly employable graduates

Survey shows La Trobe graduates among Australia's most employable

06 Oct 2021La Trobe PhD students embed in schools

La Trobe PhD students embed in schools

29 Sep 2021Short-course boosting nursing workforce

La Trobe University’s Re-Entry to Practice (RN) Course is providing a pathway for nurses to re-register and get back into the workforce in just 10 weeks

22 Sep 2021Student awarded for environmental impact

Research into impacts of climate change on biodiversity recognised

21 Sep 2021Early therapy reduces babies’ autism diagnosis

World-first research finds early therapy reduces babies' autism

20 Sep 2021Media Statement: Roadmap to reopening

La Trobe University’s roadmap to reopening its campuses

17 Sep 2021Regional manufacturing gets new hub

Regional manufacturing to benefit from new hub

16 Sep 2021Media Statement: Decision to Proceed

La Trobe University Change Proposal: Decision to Proceed

15 Sep 2021Supporting emerging regional businesses

Free virtual programs for aspiring entrepreneurs

14 Sep 2021La Trobe awarded $3m in NHMRC grants

Research into breast cancer, knee osteoarthritis gets NHMRC funding

09 Sep 2021Regional students receive scholarship

Bendigo and Albury-Wodonga students receive Inland Rail scholarship

08 Sep 2021Digital jobs training at La Trobe

Digital jobs training, placement boon for Victorian workers, business

06 Sep 2021Preventing violence against women

Roadmap to prevent sexual violence, harassment against women and girls

02 Sep 2021La Trobe in world's top 250 universities

La Trobe ranked 218 in Times Higher Education World Uni Rankings

01 Sep 2021Mysterious marsupial caught on camera

More phascogales in Central Victoria than previously thought

26 Aug 2021Early university offers through Aspire

Year 12 students across the state celebrate their early offers

19 Aug 2021Fatima Killeen announced as recipient of Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize 2021

Australian Muslim Artists Art Prize 2021 Winner

19 Aug 2021Six regional students look to the skies

Rural health students awarded Give Them Wings scholarships

18 Aug 2021Women in STEM scholarship recipient

Bendigo student receives prestigious scholarship to pursue engineering

18 Aug 2021Weight Stigma: 2020-2021 National Survey

What Does Australia Really Think About Obesity?

16 Aug 2021La Trobe in world’s top 350 universities

La Trobe ranked 301 in the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities

12 Aug 2021Australia’s first certified Green Lab

The Hill Lab becomes Australia's first Green Lab

12 Aug 2021LGBTQ peers vital for suicide prevention

New Study by Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society

11 Aug 2021La Trobe’s newest ARC Future Fellowships

La Trobe researchers receive ARC Future Fellowships

09 Aug 2021Supporting a neurodiverse workforce

Researchers develop toolkit to support autistic employees

05 Aug 2021Telehealth training future professionals

New $4.2 million facilities to train next generation of health workers

21 Jul 2021Recognising disability to improve care

Recognising disabilities vital to improving maternal outcomes

19 Jul 2021Lavender industry benefits from research

Shining a light on Australia's emerging lavender industry

14 Jul 2021La Trobe University Change Proposal

La Trobe University Change Proposal released for consultation

14 Jul 2021Change proposal: Bendigo

La Trobe University Change Proposal released for consultation

14 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Shepparton

La Trobe University Change Proposal released for consultation

14 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Albury-Wodonga

La Trobe University Change Proposal released for consultation

14 Jul 2021Change Proposal: Mildura

La Trobe University Change Proposal released for consultation

08 Jul 2021Painting picture of breast cancer spread

Deeper understanding of how breast cancer moves into vital organs

07 Jul 2021Research shows how to retain volunteers

Research reveals that better training for volunteer managers is vital

06 Jul 2021Partnership supports education pathways

Partnership extended to help students transition to degree programs

30 Jun 2021La Trobe builds cyber security workforce

Funding to lift Australia's cyber security capability

29 Jun 2021Latest technology for Bendigo Creek

Students use Internet of Things technology to improve the health of the Bendigo Creek

28 Jun 2021Growing the future of agriculture

Expanded glasshouses and new lab facilities for plant research

25 Jun 2021Bendigo's new Health and Biomedical Hub

Health students to benefit from $5 million upgrade on Bendigo campus

21 Jun 2021Robot to improve wombat health

'WomBot' exploring burrows to determine whether mites could thrive

18 Jun 2021Reaching out to patients in a pandemic

Evaluating a successful COVID-19 telephone monitoring service

17 Jun 2021Media Statement: Casual pay review

La Trobe's independent audit of payment practices for casual staff

17 Jun 2021Strengthening rural health partnership

La Trobe University and Mildura Base Public Hospital sign MOU

14 Jun 2021Combating long-term effects of COVID

Australian scientists closer to preventing long-term lung damage

09 Jun 2021La Trobe climbs in QS Global Rankings

La Trobe has risen 36 spots to 362nd in the QS Global Rankings

25 May 2021Osteoarthritis program improving lives

Osteoarthritis program improving the lives of thousands of Australians

17 May 2021La Trobe’s online MBA ranked in top tier

Victoria's top online MBA

16 May 2021Women kicking goals at La Trobe

Exceptional new development coming to La Trobe Sports Park

14 May 2021New library opens to Bendigo community

Cultural heart of Bendigo campus opens to the community

12 May 2021La Trobe secures $6 million for research

Medical Research Future Fund supports La Trobe projects

10 May 2021How GP clinic size affects patients

General Practice size and ownership models: impact on patient outcomes

07 May 2021Mildura graduates' time to celebrate

Hard work and dedication has paid off for 130 graduands

30 Apr 2021Border graduates' time to celebrate

Hard work and dedication reward graduates in Albury-Wodonga

30 Apr 2021Promising wastewater treatment discovery

Microparasite kills bacteria that cause problems in wastewater plants

29 Apr 2021Alcohol & sexism increase male violence

Mixing alcohol and sexism increases male violence towards women

29 Apr 2021Researching the common cold and COVID-19

How the common cold might help immune cells see the COVID-19 virus

29 Apr 2021Sequencing genomes of every vertebrate

It's feasible to sequence the genome of all creatures with a backbone

27 Apr 2021VC to chair Universities Australia

La Trobe Vice-Chancellor will chair Universities Australia

27 Apr 2021Scholarships entice students to Border

Students awarded scholarships to study in Albury-Wodonga

22 Apr 2021La Trobe’s global impact recognised

La Trobe is ranked fourth in the world for impact

15 Apr 2021How La Trobe is transforming microscopy

High contrast images generated instantly, enabling faster diagnosis

07 Apr 2021Supporting conversion therapy survivors

New research details why faith matters for survivors in recovery

30 Mar 2021Flying start for renewable fuels project

Promising crop trial results for renewable energy project

26 Mar 2021Cell remnants’ role in cancer biology

New discovery shows how cells communicate information

24 Mar 2021$1.53m in ARC Linkage grants awarded

La Trobe awarded $1.53 million in ARC Linkage grants

24 Mar 2021Student carers' untapped potential

Who cares wins: Student carers' untapped potential to higher education

22 Mar 2021Rural nurses valued more than ever

Eighteen recent Mildura nursing graduates working in rural communities

18 Mar 2021Regional students flock to dentistry

More regional students than ever studying dentistry at La Trobe

18 Mar 2021La Trobe recognised for student support

La Trobe students more satisfied with support services: Major survey

18 Mar 2021Communication is key to containing COVID

Public health messaging is critical to promoting physical distancing.

15 Mar 2021New hubs are catalysts for innovation

Two innovation hubs will boost innovation in Melbourne’s north

12 Mar 2021Bendigo solar reduces running costs

New solar carports in Bendigo to save money and reduce emissions

11 Mar 2021Researching probiotics and strong bones

Strong bones are key to an active life – probiotics to play a role

04 Mar 2021La Trobe excels in QS subject rankings

La Trobe cements its status as a global leader in QS subject rankings

04 Mar 2021Putting natural capital on farm accounts

Project to improve the environmental performance of farms

04 Mar 2021Study into AFLW head and knee injuries

Research will help reduce injury risk in women's sport

03 Mar 2021Seeing university "ghost" students

Seeing ghosts: A closer look at non-participating university students

26 Feb 2021A taste of academic research

Research taster program to enrich the student experience

25 Feb 2021Award-winning teaching at La Trobe

Three staff received 2021 Australian Awards for University Teaching

24 Feb 2021La Trobe partners with Optus U

Staff will study a bespoke La Trobe curriculum in AI and automation

23 Feb 2021Artwork showcases rich collaboration

Public artwork results from rich collaboration between artist and scientist

19 Feb 2021New research to develop therapeutics

La Trobe and VivaSome's new collaboration to develop exosome therapies

17 Feb 2021La Trobe A-W expert wins national awards

Dr Aleicia Holland recognised for her freshwater ecosystems research

16 Feb 2021La Trobe COVID lockdowns experts alert

La Trobe has experts who can comment on repeat lockdowns

11 Feb 2021Fighting fake news in the COVID-19 era

La Trobe researchers publish landmark report on online misinformation

11 Feb 2021Women need more support to breastfeed

Major study finds regional women need more support to breastfeed

09 Feb 2021Optimising mental health after stroke

Seed grant from the Stroke Foundation for La Trobe research

05 Feb 2021Rural doctors needed more than ever

Fifteen students begin journey to become rural doctors

05 Feb 2021Study reveals lack of tobacco oversight

Study reveals alarming lack of government oversight of tobacco products

05 Feb 20212021 Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellow

New Fellow researches forced labour, migration, gender & human rights

03 Feb 2021LGBTQA+ youth national survey published

More than 6000 LGBTQA+ youth detail life experiences in national study

01 Feb 2021Hydrogen cluster funded in the Mallee

New funding for hydrogen technology cluster in the Mallee

29 Jan 2021Untold stories of Aboriginal exemption

New book explores the experiences of the Aboriginal exemption policy

28 Jan 2021La Trobe staff and alumni honoured

Every recipient has made a difference to our world

26 Jan 2021Discovery makes the invisible visible

Researchers have enhanced an almost 100-year-old imaging technique

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