In Conversation with George Marshall

The event is entitled 'In Conversation with George Marshall', and will be hosted by Emeritus Professor Robert Manne and introduced by Professor Jane Long, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor at La Trobe University.

This free event is part of the Sustainable Living Festival and supported by Psychology for a Safe Climate.

The George Marshall event has generated a lot of interest and there are no more seats available at The Wheeler Centre. However, you can view the discussion live on-line.

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Date/Time: Tuesday February 17, 6.00 - 7.30pm
Venue: Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 
Webcast: available live on the day

In conversation with George Marshall

About George Marshall

He authored the internationally acclaimed book'Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change'.He is also the Founder of the Climate Outreach and Information Network and over the past 25 years has worked at all levels of the environmental movement. Working through this Oxford based network charity he founded in 2004, Marshall has become one of the leading, European experts in climate change communications.

Discussant (Robert Manne)

Robert Manne Emeritus Professor, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow and Convenor of the Ideas and Society Program at La Trobe University. A leading public intellectual and commentator, he is the author/editor of over 20 books including Left, Right, Left: Political Essays 1977 – 2005; Making Trouble: Essays against the New Australian Complacency and three Quarterly Essays, most recently Bad News.

Chair (Jane Long)

Professor Jane Long Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President at La Trobe University. Jane is leading the implementation of the University's strategic plan – Future Ready.