Free speech - how far is too far?

Millions are using technology every day to share, shame and celebrate, making social media both a powerful and destructive tool of free speech.

But there are many unresolved questions of regulation and legal liability.

Is the law keeping pace with technology and free speech? Or doesn’t it matter; should we be able to say whatever we like - and let the legal system decide how far is too far?

What happens when jurors use social media in court cases that result in aborted trials or when family law litigants destroy each other on Facebook?

Why do we say things about other people that we don’t have the courage to say face-to-face? Why do people distribute images without consent? Is online sexual abuse and harassment ‘free speech’ or a violation of personal dignity?  When does free speech become gender-based hate speech or racial vilification?


  • Dr Nicola Henry
  • Patrick Keyzer
  • Chris Berg
  • Shen Narayanasamy

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