Scientific society honours Chancellor

The work of La Trobe University’s Chancellor Adrienne E Clarke AC has been recognised by America’s National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

Professor Clarke was today elected to NAI Fellow status – a distinction awarded to academic inventors and innovators whose discoveries have made a significant impact on society.

She was the only Australian to receive the accolade this year and one of only a handful to be recognised outside of North America.

A former chairperson of the CSIRO, Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, and one of the founding scientists of biotechnology company Hexima Limited, Professor Clarke was appointed Chancellor of La Trobe University in 2011.  She is a Foreign Fellow of the National Academy of Science USA, the American College of the Arts and Science and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science and Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.

The author of several major scientific books, her work has provided critical insight to the biochemistry and genetics of flowering plants, their reproduction, and growth. It has also led to industrial applications for next-generation controls of insect pests and fungal disease of crops.

Professor Clarke said the award was a great honour.

Professor Clarke was one of 174 distinguished academic inventors recognised in 2016. With the election of the 2016 class there are now 757 NAI Fellows, representing 229 research universities and government and non-profit research institutions.

Included among all NAI Fellows are more than 94 presidents and senior leaders of research universities and non-profit research institutes; 376 members of the three branches of the National Academy of Sciences; 28 inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame; 45 recipients of the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation and U.S. National Medal of Science; 28 Nobel Laureates, 215 AAAS Fellows; 132 IEEE Fellows; and 116 Fellows of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, among other awards and distinctions.

The 2016 Fellows will be inducted on April 6, 2017, as part of the Sixth Annual Conference of the National academy of Inventors in Boston.