Partnership with AFL tackles depression

'Better Out Than In’  aims to stop the stigma  that often prevents people  from seeking help for depression and emphasises the importance of men talking about their feelings.

Former AFL players and coaches will be part of an interactive online mental health platform called ‘Better Out Than In’ which also emphasises the importance of men talking about their feelings.

It involves a partnership between La Trobe University researchers including Sports Psychologist Dr Paul O’Halloran, Dr Mandy Ruddock-Hudson, and Dr Scott Ruddock, the AFL Players and Coaches Association, Mates in Construction,  Cummins and Partners and Beyond Blue

The website  features an exclusive video of Sydney Swans coach John Longmire discussing the importance of men talking about their feelings.

The first of several stories from AFL players and coaches to launch on the Better Out Than In website, Longmire’s short video helps reframe the conversation about men’s depression from one of shame, stigma and secrecy to one of courage and hope.

Dr O’Halloran says the online campaign aims to encourage conversation about depression and provide support and referral.

'The project is based on the premise that sharing and hearing real-life stories is one of the most powerful ways of reducing self-stigma in communities of men.

'It aims to send the message that asking for help is a sign of courage rather than weakness,' Dr O'Halloran said.

An important theme will be friendship and men’s stories of supporting their mates who are experiencing depression.

Dr O’Halloran and the research team of Dr Ruddock-Hudson and Dr Ruddock will evaluate its effectiveness and development.

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