Master of Sports Analytics

A new La Trobe University initiative will help sports teams, coaches, sport scientists and athletes stay ahead of the game by creating a new expert team of sports analysts.

The University has worked with leading industry partners including Carlton F.C, Melbourne City F.C, Catapult and Optus to develop Australia’s first Master degree in Sports Analytics.

Data analysis has become a top priority for organisations in the multi-billion dollar global sports industry with elite teams using innovative monitoring technology and advanced statistics to gain a competitive advantage.

La Trobe University Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research Development, Professor Russell Hoye, said the new course, open for enrolment in 2017, will be taught by industry leaders and give students the skills required to keep their players at peak performance.

“More precise health and performance monitoring, video technology, high speed cameras, GPS tracking and more sophisticated sports statistics are generating millions of data points in every week of sports competition,” he said.

La Trobe has created the Master of Sports Analytics to meet the emerging demand from the top sports codes, here and overseas, to use a myriad of data to help improve performance, strategy and player drafting.

Associate Professor Stuart Morgan, a nationally recognised leader in the field, will lead the program.

He has more than 15 years of industry experience, primarily working with the Australian Institute of Sport.

Associate Professor Morgan said at the AIS he looked to employ professionals who knew sport inside out, who could use cutting-edge data technology and could translate findings into real-world wins.

“But we didn’t find many people with these advanced expert skills,” Associate Professor Morgan said.

“If you want to be a sports analyst you need to understand sport and you need to be able to handle data analysis.

“You are making yourself more competitive in a highly competitive job market by having these extra skills that make you a hybrid sports scientist.”

Students will also learn the skills required to compete for jobs in organisations overseas such as the NBA, NFL or MLB, who are currently using data to revolutionise team and player performance.

The course will run at La Trobe’s Collins St Campus.

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