La Trobe pushes button on new technology

La Trobe pushes button on new technology in an Australian University first

La Trobe has purpose built seven state of the art One Button Studios which will allow staff and students to record and create high quality video themselves.

The studios are set up as self-service video recording suites and include a large interactive screen which can be used as a whiteboard, background or as a slideshow for presentations.

The technology is an easy way for staff and students to record high quality video at the press of a button, and allows anyone to create high quality videos without the need for assistance from technical staff.

The idea and design for the studios originated at Penn State University – La Trobe is the first Australian University to implement the model and has created an enhanced and more advanced version.

Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar said the technology was an exciting addition to the campuses for staff and students alike.

‘The One Button Studio replaces more difficult ways of producing video and will build capability and digital literacy amongst our staff.

‘This will enhance our staff’s teaching and presentations and complement our students’ learning,’ Professor Dewar said.

The screen also allows for more advanced uses, including the ability to write on the board as you present.

Additional enhancements include:

* Two 40” monitors – one for viewing the presenter notes and the ‘confidence monitor’ for viewing the frame during the recording.
* Improved soundproofing
* Added noise reduction equipment
* Added integrated tablet outside the studio for easy booking.

The One Button Studio website includes information on how to book the studio, how to prepare for a recording, instructions on using additional functionality, FAQs and Troubleshooting.

Photo; Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar and Pro Vice-Chancellor Teaching and Learning Professor Betty Leask in the One Button Studio at our Melbourne campus

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