La Trobe committed to teacher training

La Trobe University has cautiously welcomed the new State Government Excellence in Teacher Education reforms announced today.

Joanna Barbousas, Associate Professor in Education at La Trobe University said while she was still working through the details of the package, it appeared many of the new State Government measures had already been built into the University’s new teacher training courses, which start next year and are currently open for enrolment.

La Trobe offers teacher education courses at all of its Victorian campuses, including Melbourne, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton and Albury Wodonga, and was committed to ensuring that our graduates can flourish, and in particular, meet the workforce challenges in regional Victoria.

“We agree our children deserve the brightest and most passionate highly-skilled teachers in our schools and we have refreshed our entire course offering to deliver exactly that,” Professor Barbousas said.

“We have already lifted our ATAR entry to 60 for 2017 intake, and plan to also further increase it to 65 for 2018, but it is vital to recognise that ATAR is just one measure of potential in our students. Used alone, it is too simplistic.

“At La Trobe we also consider more personal attributes, such as volunteering and other community contributions, for admission into our highly-popular Aspire program.

“Similarly, we will ensure there are flexible pathways for students from all walks of life to enter the teaching profession. That is why we created the Bachelor of Education Studies pathway and have invested in another admission instrument that assesses the situational judgement capability  (ethical reasoning) of students to assist in determining admission into our teaching programs.

“We will continue to work with the State Government to overcome any concerns or implementation challenges that we may have.

“We look forward to a continuing dialogue on the actual non-ATAR scheme being proposed, the need to ensure alternative-entry pathways are accessible and that regional initial teacher education provision can continue, not just through scholarships.”

The new La Trobe University Education undergraduate courses have been developed in consultation with Victorian principals and start with a foundation year, so future teachers can focus on the basics first and spend time understanding their own learning before they decide on primary or secondary specialties.

“Our new courses put an early emphasis on the literacy and numeracy skills of our trainee teachers so they have the right skills for the job before they progress any further in their studies,” Professor Barbousas said.

“The new course also offers final year students the opportunity to spend a whole year engaged with a school – making them ‘classroom ready’, well connected with the school community and ready to start their teaching career.”

More information on teaching  at La Trobe is on our website.

How to apply

Year 12 students: apply through VTAC or UAC.

Mature age students applying for an Initial Teacher Education course: apply through VTAC or UAC.

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