Bendigo showcases new research talent

12 of Bendigo’s best and brightest researchers will showcase their work at Ulumbarra Theatre.

The inaugural ‘Head2Head’ competition asks PhD candidates, in just a few minutes, to describe their research in a language that the average ‘person in the street’ can understand.

A panel of judges, including representatives from Bendigo Health, Bendigo Senior Secondary College and La Trobe University will select a Head2Head Champion after all the competitors have presented.

Bendigo’s university, industry, business and community leaders will also have an opportunity to vote for their favourite presentation as part of the Audience Award.

Dr Dan Bendrups from La Trobe’s Graduate Research School in Bendigo, says the event is a learning experience for both the students and the community.

“This is a terrific opportunity for the community to learn about some of the game changing research being done right here in Bendigo,” he said.

“At the same time, well developed presentation skills are an essential part of any successful research career, and this competition assists greatly with that,” he said.

The 12 finalists will cover some fascinating topics including:

  • Why do an increasing number of older women experience housing insecurity? How can Bendigo's planning system balance market-led design with social justice to prevent these women becoming homeless?
  • How are we ensuring that people living in rural areas have good access to jobs, housing, transport and an inclusive community life? How can we successfully address rural inequality?
  • How can occupational therapists support women in their transition to motherhood, particularly in adapting to new roles and returning to work?
  • How does increasing exercise intensity affect our blood sugar levels and what ramifications does that have?
  • Why do many people experience shoulder pain, and how can we diagnose and treat it more successfully?

Media : Kate O'Connor; 5444 7415