Artist explores flawless selfies

A unique art exhibition exploring why women present flawless images of themselves on social media has been unveiled at Phyllis Palmer Gallery in Bendigo.

The exhibition, called ‘Flawless’, comprises a series of small scale portraits using real images of women found on social media.

The artist, 25 year-old La Trobe University Masters student Alanah Brand, who is also an art teacher at Bendigo South East College, says she is fascinated by the stylised nature of images on social media.

“I feel that social media users are constantly searching for a look that is not genuine or real,” she said.

“Women choose to post images that are highly stylised and edited, thinking that is the ‘best’ version of themselves,” Ms Brand said.

“I wanted to use my artwork to question why women can’t be valued for their internal qualities – why society is always striving for unattainable visual perfection,” she said.

Ms Brand says her works are an attempt to use the canvas to mimic real life.

“In many ways we paint an ideal version of ourselves on social media, just like an artist produces the best version of their subject,” she says.

Ms Brand has reproduced selfies using a painted surface to mimic their already stylised nature, and to further intensify their doll-like qualities.

Ms Brand is studying a Masters of Fine Art at La Trobe University in Bendigo. Her exhibition runs until 24 June.