Plan to transform Bendigo campus

La Trobe University has announced it will commence work to transform its Bendigo Campus, with the launch of a new Master Plan and a commitment to fast-track five key initiatives.

Speaking at the launch of the Bendigo Campus Master Plan in Flora Hill, Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar said the 15 year plan would comprehensively rejuvenate the campus.

Professor Dewar said the University would immediately commence work on five key initiatives at the core of the Master Plan:

  • Construction of a new bus interchange bringing students, staff and visitors into the heart of the campus
  • Construction of a new entry plaza that will become a vibrant, central meeting hub connected to the new bus interchange
  • Renovation and extension of the existing Library, which will open up onto the new entry plaza
  • Upgrading the lighting on the campus sports field to ensure that La Trobe clubs and sporting clubs from across the Bendigo community can access facilities after hours, and
  • A new, dedicated engineering building to support new courses developed in close collaboration with the Bendigo engineering sector.

Professor Dewar said the early works were an important first step in the implementation of the Master Plan, which will blur the boundaries between the campus and the Bendigo community.

'The Master Plan ensures that our students and staff have modern, twenty-first century facilities in which to learn and teach. At the same time the University will reach out to embrace Bendigo, and welcome community members onto our campus,' he said.

'La Trobe believes in Bendigo. The fast tracking of these five early initiatives demonstrates La Trobe's commitment to transform Bendigo into a vibrant university city.'

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