Chance to dance for Parkinson's research

Melbourne train commuters are dancing on platforms across the CBD's iconic train stations, but all for a serious cause - raising awareness of Parkinson's disease.

Our 'Dance With Me' project  lets people directly experience how world-leading research into Parkinson's by Professor Meg Morris is changing lives. Her work looks at the way dance - such as tango, waltz and tap - helps reduce the debilitating symptoms of the condition, such as tremors and jerking movements. 

To give the community a 'hands on' insight into this - we have flicked the switch on interactive metrolites at Flinders Street, Southern Cross and Melbourne Central stations.

The custom-build Citylight panels, house a large digital screen that depicts footage of a woman with Parkinson's sipping a cup of tea.

Passers-by are invited to dance in front of the screen and interact with her and this activates a motion sensor that triggers footage of the woman standing up and dancing too.

Please join in on the fun, get those endorphins up and raise awareness for a good cause. 

More about the research

In Parkinson's, an area of the brain called the basal ganglia is affected, and sufferers don't have enough of the neurotransmitter dopamine to make movements large and fast. So the aim is to try to bypass the defective basal ganglia and use other parts of the brain that are intact, and where the neurotransmitters are working better.  Argentinian tango, Irish set dancing and our mixed dance classes are helping us determine which is most effective and why.

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