Students to swap classes for conference

The first cohort of La Trobe University's Bachelor of Early Childhood Education students about to graduate

La Trobe University's first group of Early Childhood Education students will present their research findings at a conference in Bendigo next week, marking the final event of their Bachelor of Early Childhood Education course.

Course Coordinator Dr Jennifer Masters, said 20 pre-service teachers will present research findings at the Leadership in Early Childhood Education Student Conference, from Monday 13 October to Tuesday 14 October.  

The course is offered at the University's Bendigo Campus and qualifies pre-service teachers for work in early childhood and primary school settings.

'This is the final event for our students, who are about to become the University's first cohort of early childhood educators,' said Dr Jennifer Masters, Early Childhood Course Coordinator.

'The final semester of the course focuses on leadership and management in early childhood education. This conference provides our pre-service teachers with the opportunity to contribute their own research investigations in addition to learning more about leadership in early childhood contexts,' Dr Masters said.

Students will present findings on a range of education topics, including literacy, mathematics, play and Indigenous education.

Dr Masters said that the conference had attracted a number of established educational leaders and practitioners from throughout the region.

'Their perspective of leadership for newly graduated early childhood teachers will be highly beneficial to our students.'

The Hon. Lisa Chesters, Federal Member for Bendigo, will speak on the importance of early childhood education for the region.

'I am proud to be presenting awards to Early Childhood Education students. Their passion for their studies can only be described as inspirational.

'It is proven that the first six years of a child's life are the most important. I believe we need to strengthen the sector's ability to provide young children with the quality that is their right, regardless of their families' income or where they live.

'Having highly qualified educators is an important step towards this goal,' Ms Chesters said.

The Early Childhood Education Student Conference will take place on Monday 13 October and Tuesday 14 October at the La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre, 121 View St, Bendigo.


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