Rainbow Flag to rise over La Trobe

Staff and students will celebrate diversity when the Rainbow Flag is raised to begin Pride Day at La Trobe University's Bendigo Campus on Wednesday 14 May. 

Rob Stephenson, Head of Campus, Bendigo said that the Rainbow Flag symbolises gay pride and Pride Day would provide an opportunity for staff and students to celebrate diversity in all its forms, but with a particular focus on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (GLBTIQ) students and staff.

'Pride Day is all about celebrating what makes our staff and students unique. It is about fostering an inclusive, supportive and respectful environment for our staff and students.'

La Trobe University Queer Counsellor Jan Taylor said that there is a diverse array of students studying at the Bendigo Campus.

'It's important to show students that there are support services at the University and in the community and they are not alone. 

'La Trobe University provides extensive support for our GLBTIQ staff and students. In addition to the Pride Day celebrations the ALLY queer support network and the Queer Chat Program are run throughout the year as additional support for staff and students.'

'The student club SAFE (Sexuality, Acceptance, Freedom and Equality), which is affiliated with the Bendigo Student Association, also works to create a forum for members to express their sexuality, support relevant organisations and create a fun social environment for everyone.'

Pride Day will feature performances by drag queen Rhubarb Rouge, local didgeridoo soloist Ron Murray and hip hop dance crew Burn Squad as well as GLBTIQ stalls and face painting.


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