National campaign for a strong future

La Trobe University has joined a national campaign to build public awareness of university education and research to ensure Australia has a strong and prosperous future.

The campaign is an initiative of Universities Australia and is themed 'Keep it Clever'. Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar said La Trobe strongly supported the campaign.

‘La Trobe University has been committed to making a difference for almost 50 years,’ Professor Dewar said.

‘We make a difference for students who experience the life and career changing opportunities that are created by a university education.

‘We make a difference to the communities where we are located in regional Victorian and suburban Melbourne. We also make a difference to some of the biggest challenges of our time through research discoveries and research innovations.

‘We know that investing in Universities makes sense - it is an investment in the nation’s future - but in recent years under successive Federal Governments, public investment in tertiary education continues to slide.

‘Australia currently sits at the bottom 20 per cent of advanced economies for university public investment. Other counties are investing in ideas, innovation and skills. Unfortunately Australia is rapidly being left behind.’

Professor Dewar said the sector was changing and La Trobe was committed to moving with the times. The University is in the midst of a renewal program designed to put La Trobe on a strong long-term financial footing.

‘The timing of changes taking place at La Trobe is at least partly to do with Federal funding cuts made in the 2013 Federal Budget.

‘Those changes will take place over the rest of the year, but there should be no more Federal Government funding erosion of this and other universities.

'La Trobe is part of an important part of Australia’s economy which is creating skilled jobs, fostering innovation and solving the real-life challenges facing our communities,’ Professor Dewar said.

The campaign uses web, film, print, digital, outdoor and national TV advertising.

Media enquiries

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Director, Media and Communication (Acting)

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