Major funding for brain injury project

La Trobe Associate Professor in Occupational Therapy Natasha Lannin has been awarded $915,000 for a project into rehabilitation after catastrophic brain injury.

The funding is from the Transport Accident Commission and The Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research.

 Project summary

The impact that a severe Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) has on an individual, their family and community is enormous. Until recently, the rehabilitation options for people with severe or catastrophic ABI in Victoria have been limited and as a result the opportunities to maximise outcomes for patients have been restricted.

A new state-wide specialist rehabilitation service for adults with severe ABI is soon to open at Alfred Health.

Named the Alfred Health Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program, it will provide Victoria's first centre for excellence for patients with severe brain injuries who require slow stream rehabilitation.

Phase one of Associate Professor Natasha Lannin's research gathered information about services currently in place for Victorians with catstrophic ABI and the outcomes achieved within the existing system. 

It also reviewed evidence supporting the development of the new model of care.

Phase two of the project will address key questions about how care is provided to people with severe ABI to determine the impact of this new service.

For the first time in Victoria, these projects will make comparisons of outcomes from rehabilitation over time between pre and post-opening of the new service, as well as comparisons between existing places in similar hospitals.

Limited opportunities exist in healthcare to observe and measure the effects of a new purpose-designed service on filling healthcare gaps. The new Alfred Health model provides a unique opportunity to evaluate whether maintaining a specialist centre, and providing integration across the continuum of care makes a difference to long term life outcomes after brain injury.


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