La Trobe student creates drink dispenser

A La Trobe University student has invented a new machine that can automatically dispense drinks at busy bars and hotels.

The revolutionary automated drinks dispenser was showcased among a range of others annual industry project presentations for La Trobe engineering students.

Inventor, Jordan Spiteri says the machine saves money, time and wasted drinks, leading to greater accuracy of servings and efficiency.

 It was one of 30 featured inventions ranging from automated book locators for libraries, various biomedical devices and a rimless wheel (for negotiating rough terrain) to an electronic nurse which won this year's best the technical development in the Telstra M2M Innovation Challenge (link)

Called the BamBoozeler Mr Spiteri's invention is operated through a touch screen, where the user selects what kind of drink they want. The machine processes this and then creates the drink like a regular bartender.

 'It can serve drinks ranging from complex cocktails such as a "Maltese Special" to a basic bourbon and coke,' Mr Spiteri said.

'It's not meant to take over the role of a bartender, it was made as an aid. 'This means that bartenders shan't be replaced, but merely lent a helping hand by some artificial intelligence. It will also save bar owners a lot of money.'

He stressed that any final design will be slightly more refined than the typical end-of-year party keg prototype.

 'The BamBoozeler will save bar owners money around Victoria by not only dispensing the exact amount of drink and not wasting liquid, but it will also be a cheap investment, with the starting price expected to be around $1000-$1200 AUD,' Mr Spiteri said.

The BamBoozeler was originally intended for alcohol, however it can also serve non-alcoholic beverages such as, water, soft drinks and even dispense cordial following proper recipes.

'It will be able to dispense basically any consumable drink,' he added. Mr Spiteri intends to create more BamBoozelers in the hope Melbourne bars will soon begin to use his invention.     

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