Engineers of the future

La Trobe University held a two‐day expo highlighting engineering career opportunities for local secondary students in Wodonga on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 May.

The event will include hands-on workshops and showcase electronic, robotic, mechanical and software engineering – disciplines with excellent career opportunities for young people.

La Trobe Lecturer Eddie Custovic said day one would focus on junior high school students who would be given an introduction into the diversity of engineering.

'Day two will be structured for VCE students, with workshops specifically designed to demonstrate the power of physics, mathematics and general science in the engineering discipline. Students will apply concepts learnt at VCE to solve real problems,' Mr Custovic said.

Mr Custovic said the current generation of students had been born into and age of technology.

'Most of us use computers, smart phones, gaming consoles and other devices on a daily basis; essentially we are immersed in technology. Many have also wondered where do we go from here and will technology change our lives in the coming decade? This is a question best answered by engineers,' Mr Custovic said.

'Australia is world-renowned for producing some of the brightest engineers and innovators, and we must continue to inspire the next generation of problem solvers, which is why we are taking our road show to Wodonga.'

Mr Custovic said day one had been organised by the North-East Local Learning & Employment Network (NELLEN), while day two would be held at the La Trobe University campus in Wodonga.

Mr Custovic said the La Trobe visit to Wodonga was part of a program called 'LEAP into – Engineering'. 

'LEAP stands for 'Learn Experience Access Professions', which encourages secondary students, especially those from lower SES communities, to consider higher education options,' Mr Custovic said. 

Funded by the Commonwealth Government, LEAP offers access to university, workplace and school-based activities along with online resources to help students learn how university study can help achieve professional career goals. 


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