Edge of the Outback launches book

La Trobe Mildura's unique Edge of the Outback photo journalism program is celebrating a major milestone - it's 10th year - with a stunning book of commemorative pictures taken by its international students past and present.

The shots are all different themes on the Australian outback.

La Trobe Art Institute also invited one Edge of the Outback student from each year of the program to provide a testimonial on the course.

In the past decade, the study abroad program has brought more than 400 international students from universities across the globe to La Trobe's Mildura Campus.

'They form a very special alumnus that spans both continents and professions' said Associate Professor Neil Fettling, Director of the La Trobe Art Institute and a pioneer behind the program.

'For 3 weeks every year we have 20 international students on campus. This is a great experience for our other creative arts students and staff' said Mildura Head of Campus, Dr Deb Neal.

The program sees the international students travel through remote areas of Australia including Mungo National Park and the Flinders Ranges where they get to practice the photo techniques they have been taught. The students then showcase their work in an exhibition which is open to the public.

'The students who participate in the course quite often are from very urban areas of the US, such as New York or New Jersey' said Associate Professor Fettling.

'For them to experience such rural landscapes is unique, as many tourists tend to only visit Australian cities.' said Associate Professor Fettling.

'The launch of this commemorative book documents the extraordinary experience international students are afforded when studying abroad. The opportunity to learn while on an accredited university course, while traveling to exotic locations and meeting new people, is indeed a privilege that they will never forget,' said Associate Professor Fettling.

Edge of the Outback is a 24-day intensive program made up of lectures, workshops, field trips and digital photography activities. Students visit the world heritage listed Mungo National Park and  Broken Hill, Silverton and the Flinders Ranges.

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