Art enriches teaching skills

La Trobe University Education student Aime Sacrez wants to use his artistic talents to inspire the next generation of primary school students to pursue their dreams.

The accomplished local artist's exhibition Eternal Women is currently on display in the Foyer Gallery at The Capital. Aime's exhibition focuses on feminine beauty, which has been a source of inspiration throughout his artistic career.

'The beauty of the female form and spirit has always inspired me,' he said.

'I am influenced by this throughout each stage of life.The innocence of youth, the strength of motherhood and the wisdom of age are recurring themes in my art.'

Mr Sacrez said all the subjects featured in his exhibition are women from his life and include his mother, wife, and friends.

Dr Debra Edwards, Senior Lecturer in La Trobe University's School of Education, Outdoor and Environmental Studies said the training and life experiences that Aime brings to his studies through his art will benefit the primary school students that he teaches.

'Artists have an ability to interact with the world around them; a yearning to share and explore their experiences. They see the world in different and exciting ways and their critical thinking and creative skills are highly valuable in a classroom.

'We want our next generation of teachers to share their passion and curiosity about the world with their students. This is how you enable children to pursue ideas and excellence with energy.'

After studying art in Italy and working in England as a portrait painter, Mr Sacrez moved to Central Victoria. He is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Education at La Trobe University's Bendigo Campus. He said that he wanted to help primary school students follow their passion.

'I was blessed to have discovered my passion for art at a young age and now I want to inspire and motivate students to pursue their dreams. Regardless of whether their passion is for art or something else entirely, it is important that we nurture their dreams and aspirations.'

Aime Sacrez's exhibition Eternal Women is on display at The Capital until Friday 1 August.


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