Sustainability earns global recognition

La Trobe University sustainability reporting matches corporate heavyweights

Creating Futures Sustainability Report ThubLa Trobe’s sustainability efforts have been recognised alongside corporate giants, Nike, Intel, Coca-Cola and Marks and Spencer at the annual Corporate Register Reporting Awards in London in late April, 2013.  

The only non-corporate to be ranked in the top 5 of the ‘Best Report’ category, the University’s Creating Futures 2011 Sustainability Report outperformed multinational companies ING and British American Tobacco and continues La Trobe’s strong record of recognition, with the 2010 sustainability report Responsible Futures winning the 'Best First Time Report' in 2012.

 ‘We are right up there,’ said Professor John Rosenberg, recently appointed co-ordinator of La Trobe’s sustainability efforts, ’with the best in the world in understanding and reporting our social and environmental footprint.’  

‘To compete with the large resources of companies like Nike, who employ 120 staff in this area, is a monumental achievement by this University and a testament to the coordination by the Office for Sustainability and the work of many different groups and individuals at La Trobe,’ Professor Rosenberg continued.

‘It’s a demonstration of our ability and the intelligence we have shown in responding to some of the world’s most pressing global challenges,’ he said.

The Corporate Register Reporting Awards, held annually, are judged by sustainability experts worldwide in order to acknowledge and recognise excellence among the leading corporate reports from some of the biggest companies in the world.  

Creating Futures was the second annual sustainability report released by La Trobe to communicate the social, economic and environmental impacts of the University.  The annual report sets sustainability targets and responsibilities in order to increase the positive impact the University has on the community and the planet.

The Office for Sustainability will release the 2012 sustainability report Building Futures on May 27, outlining a reduction University wide in energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and water use during 2012.  

Creating Futures 2011 placed second in the 'Credibility Through Assurance' category, was in the Top 5 for Best Report and 'Relevance and Materiality', and placed eighth in the 'Openness and Honesty category'.

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