Students win AMP University Challenge

Local Bendigo resident and Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Business student Aaron Day, was a part of a group of three La Trobe students that won the prestigious AMP University Challenge, that examines student’s financial planning abilities. 

Winning students: Aaron Day, Ruby Henderson and Morgan RemiltonThis is the third year in a row La Trobe Business School students have taken out the top award with the added excitement this year of also taking out second, third and fourth place of the five places on offer.

‘This is a significant achievement for not only the students but the university’, said La Trobe School of Business, Department of Finance Senior Lecturer, Marc Olynyk.

AMP Financial Services introduced the AMP University Challenge in 2011 and the annual competition is open to all Australian university students. It requires students to prepare a discussion paper in response to a client scenario put together by AMP.  

The concept behind the Challenge is to provide students with an opportunity to apply their technical knowledge and skills within a real-world scenario.

‘We were given a client scenario of a young couple who wanted to buy a house, go on a holiday and save for their young daughter's education. Their saving habits were hopeless, but we had to devise a plan to make it all happen’, said La Trobe Business School student Aaron Day.

‘Our team worked out various strategies, such as the First Home Saver Account, to get our clients to their goal within five years. This was the timeframe they requested’, said student Aaron Day.

The La Trobe Business School subject is the culmination of their studies and students refine their writing and client relationship skills. The subject is also designed to facilitate their transition into the work environment.

‘For students, this is a unique experience and by embedding the competition into the subject, all students have the opportunity to gain exposure to the sorts of issues encountered within the workplace’, said Senior Lecturer Marc Olynyk.  

Aaron and his team went on to win the competition with their work on a technical quiz and their presentation to a panel of industry judges. 

The student team won $5,000, as well as a range of subscriptions to financial industry magazines and membership of the Financial Planners Association for a year. 

‘All of us will one day graduate with the same degree, but experience gained through employment, networking and professional industry-based experiences such as the AMP Challenge will set candidates apart’, said Aaron.  

‘I can't overemphasise the importance of this and I can't say enough how enriching this experience was and let's not forget, we had a lot of fun doing it’.  


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