New Vice-Chancellor's Fellow appointed

Professor Robert Manne becomes a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow

Robert ManneFormer Professor of Politics at La Trobe University and one of Australia’s leading intellectuals, Professor Robert Manne, has been appointed a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at La Trobe University.

Professor Manne, who was educated at the Universities of Melbourne and Oxford, commences his appointment today, Thursday 11 April 2013.

In his part-time role, Professor Manne will continue to provide his sharp and discerning commentary on the extant issues in Australian politics and society while focusing on expanding the current Ideas and Society program at La Trobe to include a series of discussions in Canberra. Professor Manne will also advise the Vice-Chancellor on current political and social issues and the University strategy.

La Trobe University Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Dewar, said Professor Manne was one of many of his generation who were retiring and it was crucial in the interest of public debate in Australia that he continues to lead debate in the political, social and climate change areas.

'Professor Manne not only has a distinguished career as a University researcher and teacher spanning some forty years, but has led some of the most heated historical and political controversies of our time,' Professor Dewar said.

'La Trobe has a mission to explore, highlight and lead the changes necessary for a just and prosperous society and Professor Manne has been central to this mission since he joined the University in 1975.'

The Ideas and Society Program is a series of debates and public lectures held with the aim of bringing students, staff and the general public together to consider some of the critical questions of the times and to enliven intellectual life at La Trobe University. Its aim is also to bring some of Australia’s leading thinkers and public figures to the University to deepen the understanding of these critical issues.

Professor Manne has published a large number of extended political essays and has written or edited twenty books on a wide variety of topics, including The Petrov Affair; The Culture of Forgetting; Left, Right, Left: Political Essays: 1977-2005 and three Quarterly Essays, 'In Denial: The Stolen Generations and the Right,' 'Sending Them Home: Refugees and the New Politics of Indifference' and 'Bad News: Murdoch’s Australian and the Shaping of the Nation.'

In 2011 and 2012 he wrote extended essays on Julian Assange and climate change denialism for The Monthly. His books and essays have won various awards including the Washington National Intelligence Centre Prize for The Petrov Affair and a Queensland Premier’s Prize for 'In Denial'.

For further information on Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow’s program, please contact Jamie Byron- Office of the Vice-Chancellor (03) 9479 2067.