New direction for Professor

As he nudges 40 years of research and education at La Trobe University, Professor Vaughan Prain is heading in a new direction that challenges the notion that a logical brain is to a creative brain as water is to oil.  

After a career founded in maths/science, Professor Prain is turning to art with an exhibition entitled ‘Get-Together’ at the Phyllis Palmer Gallery.

Professor Prain said that interpreting behaviour is a common link between research and figurative art. His view was confirmed after he had attended a conference linking arts and science last year.

‘I studied art in Year 12 and have maintained an interest in it but the conference has confirmed the relationship between the two disciplines and I was encouraged by colleagues to put on a show,’ said Professor Prain.

‘In this exhibition I aim to draw on aspects of this visual language to explore the feel of a range of recognisable get-togethers. Some works are intended as humorous, some more serious, with a focus on using this language to suggest typicality in participant gestures, posture, and demeanour.

‘I also intend to suggest the sounds and movements that usually accompany these events or moments.’

‘Get-Together’ runs from 11 – 20 December 2013. The exhibition at the Phyllis Palmer Gallery will be officially opened by Jill Hennessy, MP, Shadow Minister for Corrections, at 5.30 pm on Friday 13 December.


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