Lecture on Sweden's disability insurance

A public lecture with visiting professor Magnus Tideman will discuss current research on how Swedish policy and practice might inform developments in Australia.

Professor Magnus TidemanWith draft legislation for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) now in consideration in Australia, it is an ideal time to consider the impact it will have, and look at the experiences of other countries.

Sweden is regarded as one of the most advanced Welfare States. People with disability are guaranteed appropriate support to live in the community, to exercise choice over their lives and control the services they use.

Since 1994 Sweden has had individualised funding schemes for personal assistants as well as a range of other person centred services. The Swedish system resembles in many ways the aims of the NDIS for people with a disability in Australia.

A public lecture featuring Professor Magnus Tideman will be held at the Melbourne Campus of La Trobe University on Wednesday 27th March.

Professor Magnus Tideman is a Professor of Disability Studies from Halmstad University with specialisation in disability and social work. He has particular interest in how changes in the welfare state affect living conditions for children and adults with disabilities. He is currently a visiting Professor at La Trobe University.

Location: Institute of Advanced Study, La Trobe University, Bundoora
Date: Wednesday 27th March
Time: 4-6pm

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