Helping hand for Mildura migrants

Many newly arrived migrants in Mildura face a double tension: adapting to a new country while worried about tensions and conflict in their home country.

Hands holding each otherLa Trobe’s Centre for Dialogue is delivering a workshop in Mildura to help ethnic communities develop mediation and conflict resolution skills to handle these tensions.

Dr Rachel Busbridge, Research Fellow at the Centre for Dialogue is leading the two-day workshop from February 28 to March 1 for participants from South Sudan, Burundi, Turkey, and Afghanistan.

She said ‘All of the communities we work with are ‘divided’ as a result of their homelands being in conflict. These tensions from overseas do not dissipate upon their arrival to Australia, but instead become a part of their community relations here.’

‘Occasionally, these tensions come to the surface. As such, there is a need for communities to develop strategies to handle them.’

‘Our aim is to bring together participants so that they begin to understand each others realities and find ways of cooperating in the future.’

Conflict resolution skills and techniques

Dr Busbridge aims to provide participants with the skills to identify conflicts and tensions, and then to learn conflict resolution and dialogue techniques to reduce those tensions.

The Dialogue across Divided Communities in Victoria workshop will take place at the Alfred Deakin Centre. It is hosted by the Mildura City Council and the Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council.

The Centre for Dialogue

The centre for is a major initiative of La Trobe University. It is primarily committed to research but also education and training, policy development and community engagement focusing on the philosophy, method and practice of dialogue between cultures, religions and civilisations which are relevant to many contemporary local, national and international conflicts.


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