Enrol to study subject through iTunes U

Dr Rhiannon EvansFirst year La Trobe University subject ‘The Ancient Roman World’ will be offered to study through iTunes U this coming semester.

Students successfully enrolled in the fee-paying program will be given access to an iTunes U course providing lectures, recorded tutorials, and supplementary learning material. Tutorials will take place in a closed forum environment, and audio podcasts recorded with questions and responses based on student contributions.

Students successfully completing the subject will be awarded statement of attainment which they may use for credit towards further higher education at any university.

‘Ancient Rome continues to be a source of fascination, and The Ancient Roman World on iTunes U opens up an accessible, first year university subject to everyone interested in Mediterranean history and culture,’ said subject coordinator Dr Rhiannon Evans.

The pilot project will allow initial enrolments to fifty applicants, with student support and assessment provided by academic staff. If the project is successful there is the possibility of expanding it to more subjects in the future.

‘This groundbreaking work at La Trobe is just one example of the ways we are delivering on our exciting new vision: that of the University as a leader in innovative approaches to learning and research, to ensure that all our students are Future Ready,’ said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Jane Long.

La Trobe University was one of the first Australian universities to provide courses on iTunes U and continues to attract media coverage for reaching milestones in digital education. There are now 19 courses with a combined audience of more than 450,000 subscribers and more than 5.3 million downloads.

‘The Roman World’ was initially released in 2012, and since then has received a strong following of more than 115,000 subscribers.

Dr Evans was named as one of the Leading University Instructors on iTunes U, the only academic to be named outside the United States.

In March 2013 ‘The Roman World and two other La Trobe University subjects were listed as popular courses as part of the iTunes U celebration of reaching one billion downloads of educational content.

‘There is enormous interest today in the study of ancient cultures and this is reflected in the popularity of our subjects,’ said Professor Christopher Mackie, head of School of Humanities at La Trobe.

‘Providing subject enrolment through iTunes U is a new initiative for La Trobe and we feel we have brought an interesting and informative perspective to the study of Roman antiquity.’

‘I’m delighted that La Trobe University continues to be at the forefront of developments in online digital education,’ said Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor John Rosenberg.

‘We have had a strong presence on iTunes U for years, and are proud to be a part of such an innovative development.’






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