Towards a philosophy of science

Selected from a field of the world’s finest academics and professionals, he will be presenting his paper, Applying Ancient Philosophy for the furtherance of modern Science, at the annual International Conference on Sociality and Humanities in Malaysia on Sunday 23 December.

Drawing on millennia old academia he is applying ancient thinking to modern science to assist his contemporaries come up with real world solutions to some of society’s greatest dilemmas.

‘In this paper I outline several concepts in both ancient philosophy and modern science which appear to correlate.  

‘Philosophy is an ancient discipline with a vast accumulation of scholarship.  Today there are many overlooked applications for the theories of many philosophers, as well as the attendant millennia of research.’

His paper draws on the teachings of ancient philosophers such as Zeno of Elea and its relation to thermodynamics, Heraclitus of Ephesus’ work and its relation to chaos theory as well as Enlightenment philosopher Emmanuel Kant’s theories and their relationship to cognitive science.

‘Perhaps some insight from a thousand years ago about an aspect of Heraclitus’ writings will hold the key to making chaotic systems perfectly predictable, leading to all kinds of breakthroughs in multiple fields? ‘

Mr Rutledge’s paper will also be published in the Journal International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research, a highly regarded peer-reviewed journal utilised by academics all over the world.

Dr Rodney Blackhirst, lecturer in Philosophy and Mr Rutledge’s supervisor for his doctoral candidacy, is thrilled with Mr Rutledge’s accolade.

‘Funding for research and places at conferences are increasingly competitive, especially in the Humanities. It is an achievement for Steven to be selected for the forthcoming conference in Malaysia and reflects the depth and power of his research. It confirms once again that his work is at an international standard.’

Upon completion of his Doctoral Thesis Mr Rutledge hopes to go on to find work as a lecturer in the field of Philosophy.

The International Conference on Sociality and Humanities is one of the major events held by the International Economics Development and Research Center.

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