The future of food, nutrition and health

World-renowned food and nutritionist Mark L Wahlqvist AO to present public lecture at Melbourne campus of La Trobe University.

The mis-match between the food supply and human needs has never been greater. It is associated with poverty, hunger and infectious disease at one extreme and with excessive and wasteful food usage, inactivity, and overfatness along with muscle and bone disorders at the other.
Underpinning these extremes is a food system that does not relate to energy needs or provide the required nutritional quality. As a consequence there is not a single body system or organ that is not potentially compromised. The full realisation of these problems for societal, mental and physical health is still becoming apparent.
Mark L Wahlqvist is Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Monash Asia Institute, Monash University and a leading expert on nutrition. He is presently Visiting Professor at the National Health Research Institutes (Taiwan) and Zhejiang University (China).
Audio from the lecture will be recorded and made available on iTunes U.
Lecture details:
Thursday 20 December
1:00pm to 2:00pm
Western Lecture Theatre 1, La Trobe University Melbourne Campus – Bundoora.

Assoc Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos
+61 3 9479 6032