The business of study in Indonesia

Albury Wodonga Business students Nicole Bernard and Leesa Holden are about to complete a subject that saw them spend fifteen days touring around Indonesia. The pair head to Mildura at the end of this week to complete their final piece of assessment which is a presentation of their business plans.

IndonesiaFor some the trip may sound like the perfect vacation but for La Trobe University students it was about gaining cultural knowledge and applying it to all aspects of business.

Run each year through the La Trobe Business School, The Indonesian Business Study Tour comprises of visits to Indonesian public and private companies, government agencies and major tourist destinations.

Students have the opportunity to meet senior executives and gain valuable insights into conducting international business and formulating marketing strategies.

‘The best way to learn about Asian countries is to visit the countries and experience the living there and get engaged with the local people as well as local businesses’ said Accounting Lecturer and trip Coordinator Dr. Petrus Usmanij.

‘Something that we cannot get from studying in class is the experience of dealing with people from other countries and their culture and working together with them in a certain business project.’ said Dr Petrus Usmanij.

The students benefit from a unique experience of living in an Asian country and dealing with Indonesians in different provinces that they visit.

‘I think the thing that surprised me most about the trip was how welcoming the all of the people we met were’ said Nicole Bernard.

During visits to Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali, students visited local universities, the Bank of Indonesia, Taman Safari Park, a tea plantation, a milk factory and a tea factory. They also attended an Economics and Business summer Program 2012 Conference and the following lectures:

•    Entrepreneurship and Micro Business - Business Plan Basics
•    Marketing for small-businesses in Indonesia
•    Marketing for small businesses
•    Entrepreneur’s Talk: Success Story of Business Owner
•    Simple Book-keeping
•    Negotiate and Win

Academically, students are required to attend a preparatory workshop, write an individual daily journal and an individual business plan and give a presentation of that plan.

The trip enables students to think of themselves as global citizens and encourages an open mind-set.

‘The students will learn how to appreciate other cultures and other people with different ethnicities, beliefs, race and ideologies. The student will also on the other hand appreciate their own Australian culture’ said Dr. Petrus Usmanij.

‘I now look at things differently.  I now understand how 'Australia is the lucky country’. The experience has made me appreciate what I have a lot more’ said Nicole Bernard.

‘This trip could well affect my career path as I’m now considering International Business. I would highly recommend the trip to my fellow students’ said Nicole Bernard.


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