Protecting the air we breathe

The Amazon rainforests are the world’s largest and most important air purifiers. Constantly under threat from farmers and developers the future of the world as we know it is inextricably tied in with Latin America.  

Sit,-good-planet-standardAs part of its ongoing commitment to interacting with the communities it serves whilst attending to issues that are of vital importance to not only Australia, but also the future of humanity, La Trobe University is holding a symposium entitled Latin America, the Environment & the Amazon.

Dr Ralph Newmark, Director of the Institute of Latin American Studies and lecturer of History at La Trobe, outlines the pressing importance of Latin America to not only Australia but also the rest of the planet.

‘The symposium links the local with the global. We are all now linked to the rest of the world by globalisation and the future of the Amazon is a crucial issue for all of us. If the Amazon is destroyed we all face a catastrophe. The symposium on the weekend brings arguably the most important global issue of our day into the heart of Bendigo.’

This unique event will cover topical issues relating to the continent and its wilderness areas, focusing on the building of dams and the socio-political environment within the region.

There will also be a traditional fiesta so the public can experience firsthand the music of Amazonia and other parts of Latin America.

Speakers are from a variety of academic backgrounds reflecting the varied nature of the interactions between Australia and Latin America.

Specialists from fields such as history, politics, law and environmental studies are coming together as links between Australia and Latin America are rapidly increasing in terms of trade, investment and cultural relations.

The symposium and fiesta will take place from 1 pm to 7pm on Saturday 27 October at the La Trobe Visual Arts Centre, 121 View Street Bendigo. The event is open to the public and costs five dollars.


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