Outstanding Mildura students recognised

La Trobe University’s Mildura campus will be holding its first Prize and Awards night on Thursday. Approximately 26 students will be presented to the Vice Chancellor John Dewar, Chancellor Adrienne Clarke and other senior university staff.

VC John Dewar

Students Rachel White, Camille Sergi and Rachel Richardson will collect their respective, First Year, Second Year and Third Year Certified Practicing Accountants Australia Awards for their outstanding studies in the field of accounting. 

The CPA awards encourage accounting students to think about applying to become a Certified Practicing Accountant at end of their degree. 

Prof Paul Collier, Head of the new La Trobe Business School is impressed by the talent.

‘These students are a great example of how the regions produce top quality students.’ 

Rachel Richardson says it’s rewarding to be recognised for her achievements. 

‘The award has boosted my motivation to continue working hard towards my studies. As a mature-aged student with a young family, my award proves that no matter how old you  or what your circumstances are, if you put in the effort you can achieve your goals,’ says Rachel Richardson.

 ‘Receiving an award that recognises our efforts is very rewarding and I feel honoured,’ agrees Camille.

Accounting students are in high demand and it was not long after commencing study that all three students were employed by local accounting firms. Rachel White has taken on a cadetship with business financial advisors WHK, while Camille Sergi has a cadetship with Southern Cross Business Advisors and Rachel Richardson a position with WHK. 

‘I have learnt so much from both work and uni. It’s great to be able to get practical experience while studying. I’ve been able to relate it back to real situations I experienced ‘on the job,’ says Rachel White.

Camille Sergi and fellow Faculty of Business, Economics and Law student Julian Panuccio, will also take home a Dean’s Commendation, which is awarded for attaining an average mark over all subjects in a year equivalent to 80 and above (which is the equal to an ‘A’ grade). 

Please contact us to interview any of the 26 students who will be receiving awards. 


Rebecca Wells 0417 728 1114