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What does a 1975 report released as part of a Commission of Inquiry into poverty in Australia have to do with the founding of La Trobe Law School? 

The report identified West Heidelberg as one of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia and as a result, La Trobe University introduced the first Australian Clinical Legal Education program close to forty years ago.

La TrobeThe Clinical Legal Education program went on to become a cornerstone of La Trobe’s Law School. To commemorate this milestone, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (FBEL) have launched their new Facebook page, taking a contemporary step in creating a comprehensive history of the Faculty.

Launched in June 2012, FBEL’s Facebook page has utilised the highly publicised Facebook feature, ‘the Timeline’, in order to further engage with people and highlight the impact the Faculty has had throughout the community.

The thorough FBEL Timeline outlines educational milestones; student achievements and basic information stemming back to the University’s establishment on March 8, 1967.

‘Reaching out to current and potential students, staff, faculty, and alumni is imperative in this day and age of technological communication,’ says Professor Leigh Drake, Executive Dean, FBEL.

‘We are consistently working hard for our students and our community, providing them with knowledge, support and resources in order to make a difference for the better. 

‘With over 900 million users on Facebook, it is important for our presence to be known in a transparent and inclusive manner.’

The site chronicles each year since La Trobe and the Faculty was founded through photographs, news articles and markers that indicate past contributions to the state of Victoria.

Although the focus is largely on the Faculty, the page provides general information on the history of the Bundoora campus along with the establishment of La Trobe’s regional campuses throughout the nineties.

‘We are very quickly ramping up our social media efforts so we can continue to connect with our communities in engaging and entertaining ways, as well as assisting them to learn and grow.’

‘This approach through the use of social media will not only give people a sense of what it is like to be a part of such a diverse and long-standing University, but also keep people updated with all its activities.’

‘It is also an opportunity to show the past contributions the Faculty has made including La Trobe Law School’s impact over the past two decades,’ says Professor Drake.

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Other milestones:

1975—Report released as part of Commission of Inquiry into poverty in Australia identifies West Heidelberg as one of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia. First Australian Clinical Legal Education program operates at Springvale Legal Service with Monash University.

1976— Free legal service launched John Cain Snr and members of West Heidelberg Community, and other practitioners begin a voluntarily run free legal advice service.

1978— New lecturer in Legal Studies The Department of Legal Studies appoints Phil Molan as lecturer in legal aid to set-up legal services at West Heidelberg Community Health Service - La Trobe students work with him at the legal service.

1982— Restructure of La Trobe/West Heidelberg Legal Service Kevin Bell replaces Phil Molan as lecturer and solicitor at the La Trobe/West Heidelberg Legal Service. Kevin Bell later went to the Victorian Bar and is now Judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

1992— La Trobe Law School is established. La Trobe Law is a first-rate and distinctive law school, reflecting its special origins. The academic teaching of law at La Trobe began in 1972, with the establishment of a Department of Legal Studies. This academic department was designed to shed fresh light on what then tended to be a somewhat dry and formalistic study of law in Australia. The department was committed to examining law in its appropriate social, economic and historical context. For two decades, the department developed along these lines and was able to build up a formidable reputation in Australia and internationally. 

2011—The Hon. Michael Kirby AC, CMG was awarded Doctor of the University at La Trobe University, 21 February 2011 in recognition for his outstanding contribution to law.


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