Highly regarded professor joins La Trobe

Former University of Melbourne ANZ Professor of Strategic Marketing, Dr Richard Speed has joined La Trobe University as Executive Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law.

Prof-Richard-Speed_standardProfessor Speed is a highly regarded and extensively published researcher in marketing. With a University-wide portfolio, Professor Speed will travel between campuses from his base in Bendigo.

‘Fifty-five per cent of the regional student population in Victoria is enrolled at La Trobe University so it makes sense that we use local relationships to try and drive research excellence for the University as a whole by working with rural and regional business and industry,’ said Professor Speed.

Engaging with business is a priority for Professor Speed. ‘Business schools are meant to be relevant to their communities so I’d like to see the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law more engaged with the business community, being first choice for students and working with the community on practical research projects,’ said Professor Speed.

Professor Speed regards Bendigo as a booming regional centre with plenty of scope for mutually rewarding relationships between local businesses and the faculty.

‘Bendigo is thriving in areas such as tourism, water management and the arts industry through effective economic management and marketing.’ said Professor Speed.

‘Events like the Grace Kelly exhibition provide great examples that our students can learn from when they look at the time and resources necessary to effectively compete in the marketplace,’

La Trobe University enjoys a high proportion of regional students, making the University the most important regional business school in Australia.

‘We can look at questions such as which towns are doing better than others and why, and that information can be fed back to the communities that we serve. It is our job to listen to what our students and the business community want and work with them to meet their needs.’

Professor Speed said that his ambition is to see the faculty achieve national and international recognition as a as a world class facility with inspiring academics teaching world class materials.

‘The quality of an academic institution is all about its people, and in our regions we have internationally recognised academics such as Professor Jane Hamilton, whose most significant contributions to research concentrate on the audit services market and auditor specialisation, and Professor Lin Crase, an expert in water policy.

‘Jane and Lin demonstrate that you can do great work in our regional campuses. It’s academics of this calibre that we aim to attract to our faculty,’ said Professor Speed.

Priorities for Professor Speed include gaining third-party endorsements for the faculty as a place where people do good work, getting out and meeting members of local business communities; and having conversations about how, together with regional and rural communities, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law can achieve greater success.


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