Festival book launch a class effort

Dr-Sue-Gillett-2012-large2-standardThe book, Cassandra in Red, is a collection of poems Dr Gillett has written over the past 12 months.

Dr Gillett, a creative writing and communication lecturer at La Trobe University, Bendigo, has dedicated her book to her students.

Some of the poems, such as Muse, were written by Sue for class exercises as examples of different poetic and literary styles.

‘I have found myself writing for my classes almost every week. Sharing insights about the creative process with my students just continues to feed the flame.

‘Students are the best teachers. They’ve kept me on my toes and challenged me to stay flexible. I know that my writing has matured as a result of the generosity and respect my students have shown me.’

Dr Gillett said that the title poem was inspired by Cassandra, an ancient Greek mythological figure who prophesised the fall of Troy.

‘When Cassandra made that prophesy no-one believed her. So she is this tragic figure who was capable of knowing what was going to happen but was helpless to do anything about it.

‘The Greek tragedies are full of archetypal characters and situations. I enjoy giving my own slant on figures like Narcissus, Ulysses and the Muses.’

Cassandra in Red will be launched at 3.30 pm this Sunday at the Capital Theatre’s Banquet Room.


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