'Diamond' cancer research

Focus Forward finalistIt is one of twenty just-announced finalists vying for a grand jury prize of $100,000 to be awarded at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in January.

The competition is hosted by documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, best known for his film ‘Super Size Me’.

It is underwritten by GE to highlight ‘exceptional people and world-changing ideas’ that have, or have the potential to make an impact on the course of human development.

The three-minute film 'Diamonds on the inside' focuses on Dr Hoxley’s research into diamonds as a tool to help cancer patients, which he hopes may eventually take ‘the in-patient hospital experience out of the equation’ for them.
‘Diamonds could be the perfect biomedical material for obtaining diagnostic information to help define the best dose of chemotherapy,’ he said.

‘They are biocompatible and cheap enough to be considered for use as sensors inside the body. Some cancer treatments require monitoring of the blood and diamonds show promise as a sensor for helping deliver chemotherapy more effectively.’

The film’s directors, Stephen Scoglio and Jasmine Funnell, came up with the concept for ‘Diamonds on the Inside’ after hearing Dr Hoxley speak about his work in La Trobe University’s ‘’ series.

Mr Scoglio said he hoped the exposure gained by the film would help Dr Hoxley’s research advance to more final stages.