Bouverie Centre's new resource kit

La Trobe University’s Bouverie Centre has distributed a new resource kit to over 200 alcohol and other drug services in NSW.

Bouverie Centre KitThe DVD resource kit has been many years in the making and staff from the Bouverie Centre have developed —From individual to families: Single session family consultations for clinicians and managers in the health and welfare sectors.  

The kit aims to build family inclusive practice as evidence shows that clients of service systems, such as mental health and drug and alcohol services have better treatment outcomes when their families are involved.

Funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and supported by Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies (NADA), the project was coordinated by Bouverie Centre therapist and trainer, Naomi Rottem and had assistance from countless others with the material based on work of the Centre staff over many years.

'Family members are in a unique position to offer support and are often impacted by their loved ones' condition and in need of support in their own right,' says Ms Rottem.

The DVD demonstrates how workers can conduct family meetings, portraying all the stages and how they can be useful to the individual clients and their families.

An accompanying booklet helps workers understand the processes, principles and frameworks involved in conducting these family consultations.  Key skills taught on the DVD include: how to engage with families; develop a shared agenda; facilitate a useful family meeting; make the most of each encounter and managing differences and conflict.

The DVD contains interviews with NADA workers who have implemented these practices into their services - talking honestly about the benefits, challenges and implementation strategies that have helped them along the way.

'My hope is the kit assists health, welfare workers and organisations to implement family inclusive practice into their work - to give them the confidence and show them they don't have to be a family therapist to do so,' says Ms Rottem.

200 copies of the kit have already been distributed by NADA to alcohol and other drug services in NSW and further copies are available for purchase directly from The Bouverie Centre. Contact: Naomi Rottem 03 9385 5100. 

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