Bendigo family's generous donation

morter-books-TOOn Monday General Manager of Sandhurst Trustees, Paul Rohan will announce that the Mason Family Trust will provide $25,000 to La Trobe University Bendigo each year for a period of three years to provide bursaries to students to pursue tertiary and further education in art studies. The Mason Family Trust is administered by Sandhurst Trustees Limited.

Mr Rohan, said that he was delighted to be able to present the cheque for $25,000 to La Trobe University Bendigo. 

“This is both a wonderful opportunity and a remarkable legacy.  The Mason Family Trust is one of a number of trusts that Sandhurst Trustees administers that contribute to the development of our community”, Mr Rohan said.

Sandhurst Trustees Limited has been an authority on Wills and Estates for almost 125 years and is a well known fixture in the Bendigo and Central Victorian communities.  

‘This is an exciting opportunity for our students,’ said Andrew Skewes, Director, La Trobe University Bendigo. ‘The Mason Family Trust Fund will provide bursaries for students across all five faculties.

‘It was a superb gesture of generosity from the Mason family to think of young people in Bendigo who wish to participate in tertiary study.’

Over the next three years, the Mason Family Trust will provide a total of 24 bursaries to assist students with course fees, such as purchasing art supplies or travel costs such as those associated with practicum.

All students at La Trobe University Bendigo will be eligible for the Mason Family Trust Capital Bursary. This will consist of a one off payment of up to $1000 for expenses related to the recipient’s course.

‘A particular emphasis has been placed on support for students studying Visual Arts and Design, Creative Arts, Cultural Arts, Art Education, Music Education, Performing Arts Education and Arts Education.

‘Students studying these courses often find themselves paying expensive out of pocket costs for art supplies or musical instruments’ said Mr Skewes.

Starting this year there will be a number of bursaries that will help students studying creative arts or arts education.10 Mason Family Trusts Arts Bursaries will be made available for commencing first degree creative arts or arts education students worth $1250.

Two Mason Family Trust Arts Excellence Awards worth $2,500 will be offered to final year or post graduate students studying creative arts or arts education courses.

Final year and post graduate students will also be eligible to receive the coveted Mason Family Trust Exhibition Award. This $2,500 award also includes a scheduled exhibition of the recipient’s work at the La Trobe Visual Arts Centre in View Street.

‘Next year we will also introduce Mason Family Trust Practicum Support Bursaries and the Mason Family Trust Travel Scholarship,’ said Mr Skewes.

Students at Bendigo Senior Secondary College and Bendigo TAFE will also benefit from the Mason Family Trust Fund gift of $225,000.

“The Mason Family Trust will continue to build on and add to the richness and diversity of artistic and cultural pursuits in Bendigo and surrounding districts for many, many years to come”, Mr Rohan concluded. 

Students interested in applying for a 2012 Mason Family Trust bursary, scholarship or award should visit and search for the keyword ‘mason.’

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