Beagley and the bloggers hit the books

David Beagley plans his next podcast in his Bendigo office Mr David Beagley, a lecturer in Children's Literature and Literacy at La Trobe University Bendigo has recorded podcasts of the weekly lectures for four of his subjects, and these are available on iTunes U.

He says he is astounded by the success of his lectures and particularly pleased that high profile authors and bloggers are amongst those who have downloaded his lectures.

‘When I originally started recording lectures six years ago it was purely for some of my students,’ he said. ‘Because they travelled back to their hometowns every weekend it was intended that they could listen to them in their cars.’

There are 30,000 regular subscribers to Mr Beagley’s podcasts and a number of bloggers, including award-winning children’s historical novelist Jewell Parker Rhodes from the USA, who writes of being ‘thrilled to listen to his two-part lecture on historical realism!’ (see

A librarian who lives near Washington DC is listening to Mr Beagley’s Genres in Children’s Literature podcasts and commenting on each lecture in her blog. (See

Mr Beagley said he recently received an email from someone in the highlands of Papua New Guinea thanking him for one of the subjects. He said there are a lot of people living in remote areas who simply don’t have the opportunity to access learning resources without travelling long distances.

‘It’s incredibly exciting and flattering that we are coming together with people from all over the world and sharing our thoughts,’ said Mr Beagley.

Mr Beagley said that the lecture series on iTunes U is simply the first step in making subjects more widely available.

‘I can see a lot of potential for this kind of technology. But the question that both I and the Education faculty are asking is where do we go from here? We are currently exploring ways to restructure some those subjects so that they and the course work can best be utilised online, both within La Trobe University and for this world-wide audience who are listening.’


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