Anti-Poverty Week at the Mildura campus

Lisa from Mildura La Trobe Mildura Social Work students will conduct a training workshop for Mildura Rural City Council as part of Anti-Poverty Week.

In an effort to contribute to the Anti-Poverty campaign, first year Social Work students look at statistics and local issues impacting the community in Mildura.
Social Work lecturer Chris Forbes says the workshop is apart of subject ‘Social Work in an Unequal World where students look at the impact and complexity of poverty and what it means in Australia, the developing world and some its reasons.

‘Students are aware that poverty is usually depicted as children suffering from malnutrition in countries like Africa where there has been ongoing drought, or in war torn countries. Yet we don’t often talk about poverty in our country, in our own back yard what it looks like and who it effects,’ Ms Forbes said. 

‘As part of this project, the students have produced a video and conducted a vox pop of Mildura locals asking them what they think poverty is to show the Mildura Rural City Council participants and there will be a range of activities for the staff to give them a broader understanding of the poverty issues in the Sunraysia community,’ explained Ms Forbes. 

'Concluding the workshop a report will be compiled and given to the Social Inclusion Officer at Mildura Rural City Council which should be useful to our local council for their future planning,' Ms Forbes said.

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