Annual sustainability report released

La Trobe University has released its second sustainability report Creating Futures outlining its environmental, social and economic impact for the year 2011 and the transformative work the University is doing through education, research and community engagement.

TCreating Futures Coverhe report is a follow up to the award winning 2010 Responsible Futures and provides a comprehensive look at the University’s sustainability performance according to Pro Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability), Professor Carol Adams, who spoke of the importance the report plays as part of La Trobe’s sustainability journey.

‘La Trobe is one of the only university’s in the world to prepare such a thorough report and have its findings verified through an external auditing process. Creating Futures follows AA1000 principles and has been judged at Global Reporting Initiative level A+.

Professor Adams added that, while the report marked another significant step in the University’s commitment to sustainability, it had uncovered some areas of concern.

‘We have made progress in developing plans and actions to achieve our long term targets, but our performance in energy and water consumption, emissions resulting from staff business travel and the proportion of woman in senior management this year leave room for improvement.

‘We have developed actions for each of these areas allowing us to be proactive in addressing our performance.  For example, while performance this year on energy consumption is not as good as we hoped, we have entered the Victorian Government’s Greener Government Building Program to address this issue and achieve the energy use targets we’ve set for 2020,’ said Professor Adams.

Creating Futures describes the University’s ambitious sustainability goals and vision, painting an image of La Trobe as it aims to be in 2015 and 2020.

‘The report is empowering because it gives us the opportunity to portray the future we want for our community.  Importantly we have all the tools needed to create this future and believe we have taken the first steps.’

‘Last year, Responsible Futures set a baseline of our sustainability performance, this year’s report portrays the notion that we are in the process of creating a long term future for our community.  The title Creating Futures is important because it shows our community that this is an active process that we can control together, with responsible leadership and the support of our colleagues,’ said Professor Adams.

The report involved the contributions of over 100 members of the University and is available for download at or for a hard copy email

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:
Professor Carol Adams
T: 9479 3181

To view the 2010 report Responsible Futures or more on La Trobe's sustainability journey visit the sustainability website.