An anthropologist’s toolkit revealed

New weekly podcast series ‘The Audible Anthropologist’ will feature La Trobe University anthropology lecturer Dr Nicholas Herriman, and introduce some of the concepts that make up an anthropologist’s toolkit.

aa-nick-herriman-250‘At some stage in life, most of us ask, “what is it to be human?” For many of us it is an unanswered question,’ says Dr Nicholas Herriman, who is the author of a new book, The Entangled State: Sorcery, State Control and Violence in Indonesia.

‘Anthropologists seek answers by analysing diverse societies to find out what all people have in common. To do so, they put a “toolkit” of concepts to use.’ This includes concepts such as magic, religion, symbolism and rationality.
Dr Herriman will use the podcasts to explore human culture and society, and help listeners develop their own understanding of the world.
Initial episodes introduce anthropology, and themes such as magic, rites of passage, and ritual. Future instalments will focus on how Christmas can be used to understand the importance of symbols in culture, and how circumcision is acceptable in some cultures but not in others.

‘I hope that these podcasts will help listeners see the world as an anthropologist does, and better understand what it is to be human,’ says Dr Herriman.
* The Entangled State: Sorcery, State Control and Violence in Indonesia is published by Yale University Southeast Asia Studies.

La Trobe University has had more than 10 million podcast downloads, primarily on the Apple iTunes U platform, since production began in February 2009.

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