60,000 subscribe to LTU iTunes U courses


itunesuLa Trobe University’s iTunes U course content has received an overwhelming endorsement from the online community, with more than 60,000 users subscribing to receive regular downloads of lecture content.

Six La Trobe University subjects are providing downloads of full lecture and reading material, ranging from journalism, Greek history, and studies in children’s literature. ‘Principles of Physics’ has 20,541, ‘Ancient Greece: Myth, Art, War’ has 20,422 and History of Children’s Literature 15,486 subscribers respectively.
‘While subscribers aren’t assessed or credited for accessing course material, it’s an excellent way to sample the world-class quality of our courses,’ says Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President, Professor John Rosenberg.

‘Our engagement with iTunes U courses is another opportunity to share the University’s collective knowledge and expertise with a global audience, and contribute to the public good’.

Many of the 60,000 subscribers (nearly double the number students studying this year at La Trobe) are from overseas, with especially high interest from subscribers in the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

‘The quality of our content is crucial as La Trobe University on iTunes U is indicative of the excellent research and teaching available at our Melbourne and regional campuses,’ says Professor Rosenberg.

‘The feedback we are getting is that people around the world enjoy these subjects, and they are encouraged to think about tertiary education and study in new ways, ’says Professor Rosenberg.

The success of La Trobe University courses comes after several have been promoted on the iTunes U front page. La Trobe University was the first Australian university to provide course content on iTunes U courses, joining a select group that includes institutions such as and Stanford and Oxford University. 

Since La Trobe on iTunes U was launched  in October 2009, the University has established itself as an important member of the iTunes U digital community, with over 5 million downloads.

‘La Trobe University on iTunes U can be accessed from: