2012 Mid-Year Entry Shepparton


Melissa Beaton grew up in Shepparton East and completed a Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe Shepparton in 2011. After finishing school in 2005 and working for 3 years she decided to do a BA as she knew she had always loved history and wanted to go to university. 

Mid-year imageMelissa started her degree mid-year thinking that she’d just complete a few units and see what it was like, but ended up with a major in Politics, Sociology and History.

‘To start your degree mid-year is a fabulous way to test the water. It allows you to start your degree earlier and for those who are not sure it great to see what Uni life is like and the expectation and commitment you need to have.’ 

Melissa really enjoyed the all-round nature of the Bachelor of Arts degree because it meant she could study subject as diverse as the Australian political system to climate change to refugees to the Amazon and women’s studies. She really credits supportive staff and time management as helping her achieve her degree. 

‘I was instantly attracted to the BA as it was so generalist. I liked the idea that I could study and see where my passion took me. The staff at Shepparton are very supportive and helped me find my way through the uni jungle.’

Melissa took every opportunity and was the president of the student union two years running, completed the Latrobe Award, Infinity leadership program, tutored and was a student ambassador.  

If Melissa was to give advice to others thinking about university she would tell you, ‘don’t wait for the right time, chances are there will never be a right time.’  

If you're ready to start your degree, you don't have to wait until 2013. La Trobe can provide the help and support you need to start studying mid-year. With a selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses on offer, you can apply now.

Applications for Mid-year entry are open until Friday 20 July 2012 for Arts and Communications courses including a Bachelor of Arts at Shepparton La Trobe. 

For more information please contact Rikke Mazzella, Client Services Officer, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shepparton Campus on 03 5820 8637 or r.mazzella@latrobe.edu.au about the Bachelor of Arts at Shepparton or Future Students on 1300 135 045 for all of La Trobe University course offerings. 

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:

Meghan Lodwick

La Trobe University Communications Officer

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